Speaking Simulator Free Open Beta Begins August 19

Open Beta is almost here.
Open Beta is almost here. Affable Games

Speaking Simulator, a hilarious physics game about a robot struggling to infiltrate the world of humans, begins open beta testing from August 19 until September 2. Signups for the beta are ongoing and new members can join discussions on Discord.

Speaking Simulator players have one simple mission: to infiltrate a world of extremely trusting humans, speak to them, and convince them that you’re not a robot. To do this, a potato-powered A.I. seeking world domination creates human-like androids that can smooth-talk their way into society to achieve the ultimate goal of bringing down mankind from within.

Each android is designed to observe how humans interact so that they can perfectly execute human behavior and avoid discovery using nothing but a prototype tongue and lips to have conversations. Each flawless tongue movement brings them a step closer toward world domination. On the other hand, every slip-up causes your systems to overload, forcing the AI to relieve pressure by triggering any one of a huge selection of facial explosions and mechanical glitches.

To maneuver the game and simulate perfect speech, players use the keyboard to control the tongue and the mouse to control movement of the mouth. Players must keep words flowing or the androids are going to suffer ugly consequences including frantic eyebrows, smoking ears, detached jaws, and exploding teeth.

The game features for Speaking Simulator include:

  • Make your way through 10 different social scenarios such as job interviews, eulogies, doctor examinations, and romantic conversations.
  • Upgrade yourself with the latest in social technology. Learn to smile, raise an eyebrow, and awkwardly glance away from eye contact, just like in real life.
  • The most realistic gibberish system ever seen in gaming. Play within a dynamic audio system that reacts to tongue and mouth movement.
  • Replayability: With a huge array of different failure facial explosions, every conversation is hilarious and unique.
  • Fantastically beautiful tongue graphics. Finely tuned spit particles.
  • Adaptive soundtrack that change as you enter different parts of your conversation.
  • Highly polished dialogue and delightful narrative.
  • Degrade yourself by partaking in human dancing.
  • Customize your robot to make it feel like your own.
  • A surprisingly accurate portrayal of social anxiety.

The first test for players participating in the open beta is a date with a woman from human resources. The goal is to interact with this woman normally, which includes basic tasks like asking for food and water as well as keeping conversation flowing.

In jest, Affable Games co-founder Jed Dawson assured that they are not using the free open beta for Speaking Simulator to test for global domination. In a press statement, Dawson said, “No, I am not a robot. I swear this was just a great idea we had. We are in no way testing a global domination platform on humans who are gullible enough to participate in our free beta.”

Speaking Simulator’s open beta is going to be available from August 19 to September 2 on PC/Mac via Steam.

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