Space Robinson Launches Live Beta Demo On Steam

Live beta demo launched.
Live beta demo launched. Luxorix Games

Space Robinson has launched a beta demo live on Steam in anticipation of its imminent release this October. The game offers hardcore RPG-action on a procedurally generated planet. Players collect resources, craft weapons, and unlock a cute, but ruthless pet-mate and then choose their way to die.

In the game, players take on the role of the titular Space Robinson, a savvy space engineer. Summoned by VAST, an intergalactic corporation, players go on an adventure to a distant planet. Be prepared to face hordes of enemies along the way. Players must accumulate resources, build turrets for protection, and craft massive amounts of ammunition to survive the wilderness.

Space Robinson is tasked by VAST to repair the drilling rigs in colony number 21, which is a colorful planet with a friendly population and an ocean of resources. You accept, thinking that nothing could possibly go wrong.

Are you a fan of dogs? Space Robinson adds in man’s best friend, which can be unlocked as you progress, to assist the players as they fight off monsters.

The key features of Space Robinson are:

  • Hardcore
    • You can always choose a way to die, be it enemies, traps, or the night! Fight, level up, unlock new guns and victory is just around the corner!
  • Craft
    • Need a gun that shoots lightning? Or need a first aid kit? It’s up to you to decide what to use in battle today! Collect resources and craft your dream loot!
  • Building
    • Do you like to meet the sunrise, wrapped up in a blanket by the fire? Forget it! Build protective turrets to survive the harsh alien nights!
  • Bots
    • Someone has set up serious fortifications, but this isn’t an obstacle for your bots! Collect bot-assistants and destroy caches!
  • Generation
    • Start over and over again to find a way out! Explore all the locations to escape from this damned planet!

The game also has a night and day sequence where there are special night monsters. In addition, your vision changes. At night, you see the surroundings in a narrow circle. Space Robinson also has random loot and random levels. It’s a rogue-lite, so after your death, you spawn on a special cloning base and have to start your adventure again.

For more updates, you can follow Space Robinson on Steam and Twitter or join the official Discord community here.

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