Sony's State Of Play For May 9, 2019 - Here's How To Watch It, And What To Expect

Yes for MediEvil, nah for PS5 - maybe for Final Fantasy? We'll have to wait and see.
Here's how you can watch Sony's State of Play this Thursday, May 9.
Here's how you can watch Sony's State of Play this Thursday, May 9. Sony

Sony’s State of Play is returning today, May 9, and we’ve got the rundown on everything – details, content, air time and everything else in between.

This episode of the State of Play is expected to have and feature more games, in contrast to the last episode back on March 25. For those of you who don’t know, Sony’s State of Play is their answer to the Nintendo Direct, a short, livestreamed event where Sony gets to feature various announcements on its games which will ultimately appear on the PlayStation platform. It’s expected that moving forward, Sony’s State of Play will hold a bigger significance on how Sony will market its games, especially since the company is skipping the biggest gaming event of the year, E3.


The March 25 – and first ever – episode of State of Play was, by all accounts, quite underwhelming. It was met with such a ‘meh’ response that it caused Nintendo Direct to start trending on Twitter, during the course of the State of Play itself. However, we can chalk that up to Sony not managing to temper their fans’ expectations as to what can be expected during the livestream. In the end, the only notable things to come out of the presentation was the announcement for two Playstation VR games – Marvel’s Iron Man VR and Five Nights at Fredddy’s VR.

What we can expect

To temper those expectations this time around, Sony has now compiled what we can and can’t expect from the upcoming State of Play, listed in a short post on the PlayStation Blog. According to Sid Shuman, director of Social Media for Sony, we can expect to see an extended look at MediEvil, a 4K remaster of the action-adventure title that originally launched on the OG PlayStation. In addition, Sony is going to reveal a first look at a brand-new title, which can be just about anything. Some have speculated the title is the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake because of a tweet made by both the Final Fantasy official Twitter, as well as brand manager Shinji Hashimoto, which translates to “Oh. You’ve come,” in response to the upcoming State of Play.

There will also be new information regarding other upcoming PlayStation 4 games, either multiplatform releases or exclusives.

What we shouldn’t expect

The only thing the blog post has to offer in what we shouldn’t expect are updates regarding the PlayStation 5, specifically Sony’s next-generation plans. This is understandable, seeing as 2020 is still far off, and Sony has confirmed that the console is still more than a year away.

Where can you watch it

The State of Play will be aired across all of Sony’s social media outlets. It will be aired later today, at 6:00 p.m. EDT. Click the links below for more information.

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