Sony Announces An Awesome Attachment For PS4 Controllers

Back Button Attachment
Back Button Attachment Wccftech

A recent video from PlayStation showcased an amazing utility for its DualShock 4 controller. This utility is called the DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment. If you have looked at Microsoft's first-party Xbox Elite Controller and felt jealous of its programmable back paddles, you will be glad to know that a similar utility is coming for PlayStation 4 controllers. PS4 players can get similar functionality by spending about $100 or more on other controllers, but Sony has answered its players' calls by creating an official and much cheaper alternative.

Starting from January 23, PS4 players will be able to purchase the DualShock Back Button Attachment for their PlayStation 4 controllers. The utility snaps onto any DualShock 4 controller by using the two ports located at the back of the controller. The utility also comes with a small, but stylish, OLED display the gives you all the necessary information without interrupting your gaming experience.

The utility also comes with a dedicated button that allows you to instantly remap buttons. You can also use three preset profiles depending upon who is using the controller.

The Back Button Attachment will be available for just $30, which is a lot cheaper than alternative and expensive Scuf controllers.

We are also curious to see if Sony will make the utility compatible with the PlayStation 5 controller, build a new accessory, or integrate these programmable buttons with the new PS5 controllers by default.

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