Sony Announces Acquisition of, an Esports Tournament Platform

The esports tournament platform marks another integral addition to the PlayStation family.
After finally sealing the Bungie deal, Sony has now announced the  acquisition of, an esports tournament platform.
After finally sealing the Bungie deal, Sony has now announced the acquisition of, an esports tournament platform. Sony

The ink has not yet dried on the Bungie acquisition, and it appears that Sony is not yet done with its spree., an esports tournament platform, is the latest in Sony’s acquisitions, with the former officially joining the PlayStation family.

In the official press release, says that this acquisition is the “most significant milestone” in the platform’s history. It also appears that this has been coming for quite some time now, and it looks like Sony is looking to elevate its presence in one of gaming’s largest subcultures: esports. is best known for its growing tournament platform, allowing players to compete in various free and paid entry tournaments across popular esports titles, most commonly League of Legends and Fortnite. Winning various tournaments gives out special prizes, with some even exchangeable for big rewards like gift cards.

At the moment, offers tournament support for five different games: Call of Duty: Warzone, PUBG, League of Legends, Fortnite, and Dota 2. Interestingly enough, two of these games can only be played on PC, which is on par with most esports titles. This begs the question of why exactly did Sony purchase

According to a statement made by Sony for another publication, the acquisition comes from their “vision for esports has always been about breaking down barriers for gamers to compete at all levels.” At the moment, though, Sony is only well known for one scene within the massive esports industry, and that is for fighting games. Sony is a co-owner of the Evolution Championship Series, better known as EVO, and PlayStation consoles have been a staple across all major EVO events.

Sony’s purchase of may mean that the company is scaling up its efforts in the growing esports scene. It will be interesting to see if this results in any new esports-centric titles, as is a tournament platform as opposed to an actual developer. That said, the addition does make for interesting stuff in the future as Sony realizes the untapped market in the massive industry of competitive gaming.

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