Solasta: Crown of the Magister Patch 1.3.57 Fixes Issues with Dungeon Maker

Patch 1.3.57
Patch 1.3.57 Twitter/@tct_adventures

Patch 1.3.57 for Solasta: Crown of the Magister is now available. This update does not bring new content, but it does have a lot of bug fixes.

The Dungeon Maker is an in-game building tool available to players of Solasta: Crown of the Magister. This allows them to create user-generated content and share it with others.

That said, Patch 1.3.57 resolves a couple of issues with the Dungeon Maker. First, the developers fixed many pathing issues caused by faulty prefabs. And second, the issue where waypoints would transport the party to an empty world map has been fixed.

This update also fixes some problems related to the Crown of the Magister campaign. For instance, players will no longer go above Level 12 in the said campaign as there’s really no point in doing so.

The rest of the bug fixes implemented in Patch 1.3.57 can be found below:


  • Fixed (again) the issue where people were getting locked in the city
  • Fixed the endgame cutscene bugging out if you kill both Ving and Orenetis
  • Plant-type monsters now correctly have a disadvantage to their saving throw against Blight
  • Fixed unidentified +1 Crossbow having no description
  • Killing Cafrain now prevents The Conquest quest from starting
  • Fixed another instance where you could be locked in the city if you managed to become Hated by The People faction during the quest Rescuing Reya
  • Arwin Merton's Story Cutscene will no longer trigger in Crown of the Magister if you failed all secondary quests required for it to trigger
  • Multiplayer: Fixed being able to save during invalid moments which could create faulty save files
  • Fixed an exploit where you could magically duplicate stack items, breaking the economy harder than Fabricate on a tabletop
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when casting Dominate Person on a Druid
  • Multiplayer: Fixed some desynchronizations that could occur when opening your inventory and dragging and dropping items to a near-overencumbered ally
  • The "Free Action" is no longer consumed during combat when you start moving an item but decide not to instead
  • Fixed Chaos Beckons achievement, it can now be achieved!
  • Crown of the Magister: Fixed more errors related to Tower of Magic/Fortress of the Shield
  • Spirit Wolves can now climb again. We fixed their little legs and paws

Solasta: Crown of the Magister Patch 1.3.57 is available on PC.

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