Solasta: Crown of the Magister Patch 1.3.55 Brings Some Important Fixes

Patch 1.3.55
Patch 1.3.55 Twitter/@tct_adventures

Solasta: Crown of the Magister is a long and beautiful game. But just like any other massive title, some bugs are bound to pop up from time to time. That is why the developers are launching updates regularly.

Recently, Patch 1.3.55 was released and it brought some important fixes. One of the most notable is that the game no longer freezes when fast travel fails due to one character being busy in multiplayer. The issue where the game crashes when entering the Fortress of the Shield has been resolved as well.

While Patch 1.3.55 got plenty of bug fixes, there are still some known issues that must be addressed in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. For example, the Forge Amulet quest item that you can sell through the Scavenger Board. Don't do it because if you do, you won't get it back. Hopefully, the dev team delivers a fix for this soon.


  • Fixed being able to bypass Laethar in Cradle of Fire (Crown of the Magister) by using invisibility, which broke the quest flow and prevented the main story from continuing
  • Fixed Shallow Grave quest breaking if you chose to denounce Charmer
  • Fixed Rugan getting angry and attacking you if you chose to start a fight with Charmer
  • Dominion soldiers no longer spawn in Rebellion garrisons
  • Giant Camp Fix - the return of the fix revengence: Hopefully the last instances of the Giants becoming hostile upon entering their camp should now be fixed
  • Fixed the Giants quest line being blocked if the party goes to the city BEFORE talking to Gartok after starting the Lost Giants quest
  • Fixed a game over message triggering when a druid wildshapes while another character is dead
  • Fixed the end game cutscene staying black if the player both killed Sitenero and fixed the major gate
  • Fixed Fast Aim not working properly with crossbows
  • Fixed Hunter's (Ranger) level 7 Multiattack Defense (Defensive Tactics) granting immunity to opportunity attacks
  • Fixed Wight Lord and Wights never using their life drain ability
  • Fixed Dragons not having Blindsight
  • Fixed shelves not being placed properly in the Dungeon Maker (Woodlands environment)
  • Weapon slots should no longer be grayed out when trying to apply a spell or poison on them
  • Fixed an issue where user campaigns would be locked to their creator after playing them in Multiplayer

Solasta: Crown of the Magister Patch 1.3.55 is available on PC.

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