Solar Purge: New Campaign Level and Brand New Vault System Introduced in Update 0.5

Update 0.5
Update 0.5 Twitter/@SolarPurge

Solar Purge is a sci-fi isometric action RPG where you get to explore huge worlds and shoot at any enemy you come across. You can play as any of the four classes (Engineer, Juggernaut, Stryker, and Assassin) that suit your playstyle. The Stryker is perfect for those who want a complete offensive package, while the Engineer is more of a support class that can build friendly bots and tools to aid their allies. The Juggernaut has the defensive capabilities to keep enemies at bay, and the assassin is the perfect choice for those who want a speedy character that can kill enemies from the shadows.

Recently, the developers deployed Update 0.5 which introduces a new campaign level set in the Oterion Guardian Sanctum. You can find out more about the ancient history of Nova Genesis buried underneath the Ruined Sanctum. Be prepared for any threats because some entities do not like that you’re snooping around.

Aside from that, the brand new Vault system has also been added in Update 0.5. This system basically allows you to pull and equip weapons you have stashed in the Vault while you’re in specified safe zones, such as the Space Station and Holochamber Starting Zone. To add a weapon to the Vault, you must stand over it and press the “B” button on the keyboard or the D-pad if you’re using a controller. More safe zones will be added in the future as the developers see fit.

You can read some of the other changes and improvements in the latest update for Solar Purge below:

Unreal Engine Upgrade
  • The game is now running on the latest and last version of Unreal Engine 4, which should improve performance on many players’ machines
  • Lots of systems have been tweaked, modified on completely changed in order to get the game running on this latest version
General Updates and Fixes
  • Reduced the game's install size by nearly 50%
  • New reload animation for Minigun
  • Fixed an error when talking to stationary NPCs without behavior trees
  • Fixed NPCs snapping while turning
  • Fixed a long-standing issue with NPCs bobbing up and down when blending between movement and idle animations
New Graphical Options
  • View distance quality
  • Shadow quality
  • Post-processing quality
  • Texture quality
  • Effects quality
  • Foliage quality
  • Resolution scale
  • Anti-aliasing quality
  • Frame rate options
  • Motion blur options
  • Chromatic aberration (fringe)
Training Room
  • The Training Room now loads as a separate level, which may slightly increase loading time but solves multiple critical bugs related to the saving and Vault systems
  • Disabled Vault connectivity inside of the Training Room

You can find the full list of changes on Steam.

Solar Purge is available on PC.

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