Sniper Elite Is Getting An Official Board Game From Rebellion

Sniper Elite Board Game
Sniper Elite Board Game Kickstarter

The popular stealth shooter Sniper Elite is hitting the tabletop with a new board game from developer Rebellion itself.

The board game is made by the studio's board game division, appropriately called Rebellion Unplugged. The game is currently raising funds on Kickstarter and has also posted a short video showcasing the board set and miniatures. The deluxe edition of the Sniper Elite board game will also feature a Hitler-like "Teste-Kill" miniature that refers to a memorable moment from the recent Sniper Elite games.

In the game, one player assumes the role of an allied sniper named Karl Fairburn, and the remaining three players assume the role of German soldiers. The German squad's task is to protect their base and hunt for Karl. When playing as Karl, you'll have to ensure that your position is always held as a secret while you track enemy movements on your own secret hidden board.

On the other hand, when playing as the German squad, you'll have to rely on tactical thinking and try to track and hunt down the elusive sniper. You can use miniature guards to block off certain locations that the sniper can use. This can be quite complicated if you don't go into it prepared. This is why Rebellion Unplugged has shared an early rulebook that explains everything about the upcoming tabletop board game. You can check out the rulebook here.

Backing the Kickstarter campaign will grant you several rewards, including the Deluxe Upgrade kit and the base game for backing Marksman level or higher. Rewards for higher-tier backers include custom clay tokens, unique miniature models, and an embroidered draw bag. There's also an Eagle's Nest expansion set that can change up the entire game.

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