Snapchat Front-Facing Camera Flash Not Working After Update: Company Investigating Fix For Dark Flash Problem

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Has your Snapchat front facing camera stopeed working stopped working since the last update? Is the flash really dark and messy? You aren't alone. The problem is affecting all Snapchat users who updated. Snapchat

Is the front flash on your Snapchat camera not working or less bright since the last update? The issue is reportedly affecting all users. 

Snapchat's latest update has apparently broken the front-facing camera flash, causing it not to work properly, according to users.

Soon after the Snapchat update launched, users started filling Twitter with complaints about the front-facing camera. The update caused the front-facing camera flash to darken or stop working altogether.






Testing the Snapchat update ourselves, sure enough, we found the flash does appear to be problem. On video the flash is completely broken and when you use it for pictures, they come out grainy and barely visible – a definite problem for people who love taking selfies. And let’s face it: that’s largely what Snapchatting is all about, right?



While Snapchat’s Twitter support account has acknowledged to a few users that there is indeed a problem with the front-facing flash brightness, no official statement has been made about the issue or when it might be fixed.

Snapchat Front Facing Camera Flash Not Working After Update: Company Investigating Fix For Dark Flash Problem
Snapchat unofficially acknowledged problems with the front-facing camera, but has yet to mention when a fix will arrive. Photo: Twitter

Snapchat appears to be investigating the issue, however, as the support channel is requesting users fill out a form about the broken flash to help with the investigation.



In addition to the broken front-facing flash, users are also reporting the usual update issues like lost streaks, problems with refreshing the app,   receiving messages and difficulty logging in . In most cases these problems can be solved by simply turning your device on and off again. If problems persist, deleting the app and reinstalling it will often get it working properly again. As more is learned about the problem with Snapchat’s front-facing flash we’ll be sure to provide an update.

Twitter Responds To Snapchat Front-Facing Camera Problems After Update










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