From Smoking To Vaping – Quickly Improve Your Physical Abilities And Get Rid Of A Bad Habit

From Smoking To Vaping – Quickly Improve Your Physical Abilities And Get Rid Of A Bad Habit
From Smoking To Vaping – Quickly Improve Your Physical Abilities And Get Rid Of A Bad Habit Pixabay

We all have some bad habits we’re not proud of. Some of us have quit our bad habits and embraced a healthier alternative, and some of us continued doing the same things we always did. When it comes to people whose success is determined by how healthy they are and what kind of life they’re living, it’s extremely important to live as healthy as possible and avoid all sorts of bad habits.

I’ve been a smoker for the better part of my life and the habit started to annoy me. Not only did everything in my apartment smell of cigarette smoke, but I couldn’t get up a flight of stairs without getting dizzy and short-breathed. I wanted to quit completely, but I just couldn’t make myself quit cigarettes completely.

Vaping Is The Healthier Alternative To Smoking

It was somewhere around 2012 when I stopped smoking and started using e-cigarettes. At the time, it was still a new thing and nobody seemed to know much about vaping. All I knew was that vaping was a healthier alternative to cigarettes and that I’d get my dose of nicotine whenever I used it.

Many people have chosen to use vape pens to quit smoking and every single review was the same – it’s a great product which gives you the satisfaction of blowing out smoke, but without the bad smell and with much less health risk.

Although most vape juices contain nicotine, the health risks are much lower than when you’re smoking regular cigarettes. Now, there are thousands of vape liquids available, in all flavours and with all sorts of ingredients. Most include nicotine, but there are nicotine-free and CBD vape liquids as well.

Research so far has shown a significant increase in physical ability in people who switched from smoking to vape pens like puffco Peak , especially athletes who measure their performance. When I quit smoking and started vaping, I noticed significant results in a matter of days! After only a week, I wasn’t short-breathed, I could run more and doing all sorts of exercises was much easier than before. Professional athletes who exercise at a much higher intensity felt a remarkable difference even quicker!

Quitting Bad Habits Will Make You Healthier And Boost Your Performance

Unfortunately, smoking isn’t the only bad habit people have. When it comes to athletic performance, the results of quitting this bad habit are visible almost instantly, but other bad habits can have a significant effect on overall physical performance. An unhealthy diet, for example, will not only make you heavier, but it also brings a high health risk because of clogged up arteries and veins, it increases blood pressure and your body just won’t work properly. Alcohol also builds up blood pressure, dehydrates you and can do permanent damage to your liver, kidneys and nervous system.

Whichever bad habit you think of, there are serious health-related risks. If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a professional athlete, you should consider avoiding these bad habits completely or at least finding healthier alternatives that won’t have a huge effect on your performance. There are a lot of ways to enjoy things without risking your health or performance. Using vape pens is one option, having cheat-days a few times a month is also something you can embrace and having a glass of wine occasionally won’t have a big effect on you or your ability to perform as an athlete.

If you quit all your bad habits, it won’t take long for you to notice just how big of an effect they had on your health and your body. You should embrace a healthy lifestyle and pursue your dreams because bad habits won’t help you achieve greatness!

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