SMITE: The Transformers Battle Pass Now Available

SMITE Transformers Update 8.11
SMITE Transformers Update 8.11 Hi-Rez Studios

Update 8.11 for SMITE is now available and it introduces the highly-anticipated TRANSFORMERS Battle Pass. This update implements bug fixes to some gods as well.

New Battle Pass

Are you a fan of TRANSFORMERS? If so, getting the new Battle Pass allows you to get unique themed skins, avatars, announcer packs, and more from the popular franchise.

Those who get the premium Battle Passes will earn nice skins for certain gods, including the Optimus Prime skin for Geb, Starscream skin for Jing Wei, and Megatron skin for Ra.

Acquiring the Battle Pass Plus will also get you some limited-time goodies on the Prestige track, such as the G1 Optimus Prime skin for Geb and G1 Megatron skin for Ra.

If you’re opting not to spend money, you can still get something from the free Battle Pass. The Cybertron Avatar, for example, can be yours after you’ve reached a certain BP level.

Patch Highlights

  • Fixed an issue where the UI would prevent relics from being Purchased, Sold, or Undone (Shipped in an earlier hotfix)
  • Fixed an issue where there was some invisible collision that would block attacks
  • Cliodhna
    • Fixed an issue where she could get stuck in walls (shipped in an earlier hotfix)
    • Decreased the volume of the sound effects on her first ability for Cliodhna and her Allies
  • Ratatoskr
    • Fixed an issue where his acorn glow could be seen from long distances and through walls
  • Zeus
    • Fixed an issue on the Omniscient Oracle skin where the additional chained hits of Chain Lightning played no audio
  • Jing Wei
    • Fixed an issue where the camera would make an unintended jump during her ultimate
    • Fixed an issue where a muzzle flash FX would play after landing
  • Ra
    • Ra’s Ultimate will now always be visible to all players, at any distance (not through walls)
    • Fixed an issue where Ra’s Divine Light would deal damage but not slow and blind if it detonated when he was banished or knocked up
  • Geb
    • Fixed an issue where shockwave could sometimes miss targets who were standing in the area and jump spamming
  • Susano
    • Fixed an issue where Susano’s other abilities would not trigger item effects if used while Susano’s Storm Kata 2nd or 3rd strike was still active
  • Baba Yaga
    • Baba can no longer stack Gem of Focus quickly through changing potions
  • Odin
    • Fixed an issue where Gungnir’s Might had the wrong text for its Mana cost
  • Loki
    • Fixed an issue where Assassinate had the wrong text for its Mana cost
  • Set (OLYMPIAN)
    • Fixed an issue where if Set gets interrupted during the startup of a teleport to his clone, he wouldn't be able to use sandstorm until he does teleport.
  • Jormungandr
    • Fixed an issue where he was glowing CC immune at unintended times during his ultimate
  • Ao Kuang
    • Fixed an issue where he was glowing CC immune at unintended times during his ultimate

The TRANSFORMERS update for SMITE still has plenty to offer, including a new All-Ban feature in Ranked Conquest and the return of the Corrupted Arena. You can learn more by heading to the game’s official website.

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