Smite Season 9 Has Arrived

Check out all the new content.
Check out all the new content. Hi-Rez Studios

The new update for Smite is finally live and marks the start of Season 9. There's a lot of new content for everyone to enjoy like the new game mode called Slash. Update 9.1 also introduces a new conquest map and new God skins.

Before we go into the details, let's start with the Season Pass 2022. It's priced at $39.99 and has these items:

  • 1,000 Gems
  • Space Scoundrel Danzaburou – Limited
  • Space Scoundrel Loading Screen – Limited
  • “Most Wanted” Title
  • These are for each new God released in 2022:
    • Unlocks the Gods for gameplay, for those who don't have the Ultimate God Pack
    • Base Recolor Skin
    • New Limited Recolor Skin
    • Voice Pack
    • Wave and Clap Emotes

New Game Mode

Slash is a new, permanent game mode that combines elements from the Clash and Siege modes. Slash includes the following settings:

  • 5v5 Team Size
  • Starting level 3
  • Starting Gold 1500
  • No banned items
  • Counts for all types of progression and relevant quests and appears in match history
  • Has accolade for “Slash Matches Played”

New Conquest Map

The start of the new season means that the Conquest map needs to be changed. One of the changes is the introduction of The Obelisks. What's going to happen is that each team now has an Obelisk on their side of the jungle and serves as banks of power that teams power up by collecting Offerings. These Offerings are pickups that drop from Marked Camps when the Obelisks become active. The first team able to fill up their Obelisk with seven Offerings gets Indra’s Scepter.

New Skins

Finally, here are the God Skins:

  • Crimson Kraken Poseidon
  • Miss Misery Nike
  • Devil Punk Da Ji
  • Angel of Death Thanatos
  • Honorable Hero Rama
  • Prototype 2.0 Charybdis
  • Bone Wraith Kukulkan
  • Croaki Loki
  • Space Scoundrel Danzaburou
  • Corroded Colossus Atlas
  • Grave Golem Geb
  • Apollo Default
  • Slickshot Apollo
  • Apollo Masteries

Learn more about the new season and all the changes that arrived with Update 9.1 here.

Smite is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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