SMITE: The Fiery Surtr Now Ready to Rain Destruction in Update 10.1

The Fiery Surtr
The Fiery Surtr Twitter/@SMITEGame

The fiery Surtr is now available in the third-person MOBA game SMITE via Update 10.1. The long-imprisoned Fire Giant has some pretty interesting abilities that make him a force to be reckoned with.

The Fiery God Has Come

When Surtr loses enough health, his flesh begins to crack into fragments that drop on the ground due to his passive ability. Picking them up will heal him based on a percentage of his max HP. Do keep in mind that these fragments can be destroyed when enemies walk over them.

Surtr sets his sword ablaze with Flames of Muspell, enabling him to deal magical damage with his next basic attack. Hitting the enemy while the buff is active not only causes the ignite status effect to deal damage over time, but it also spawns a Fiery Imp to fight for Surtr for 10 seconds.

Since Surtr is a melee god, his Giant’s Grasp ability is a pretty good utility. That’s because he pulls the target closest to him and hurls it forward, dealing area damage and stunning anyone hit.

Emberwalk, Surtr’s third ability, prompts him to create a ring of embers that improves his movement speed. What’s interesting about this is that it deals continuous damage to those inside the ring while slowing them down in the process. This lets Surtr kill them with relative ease as they’re unlikely to move away unless they have some sort of escape.

Surtr’s ultimate is called End of Days. When activated, Surtr surges into the air and infuses himself into a large meteor. During this time, he is immune to damage, giving him enough time to choose a suitable landing spot. Once he lands, he deals damage to nearby enemies and spawns Fiery Imps to fight for him as well.

All in all, Surtr’s abilities make him quite a formidable god to deal with in SMITE.

Crossover Event

In addition, Update 10.1 marks the beginning of the crossover event between SMITE and Magic: The Gathering. There are 10 Planeswalker and Creature Skins, as well as four cosmetic bundles that players can roll from the exclusive Magic: The Gathering chests. Successfully rolling three items will give them the option to choose the fourth item. Those who do not want to deal with the RNG also have the choice of purchasing these items directly from the in-game store.

Here’s a rundown of the items that players can get from exclusive chests:

  • Karn Atlas
  • Liliana Vess Nu Wa
  • Chandra Nalaar Pele
  • Atraxa Thanatos
  • Jace Beleren Yu Huang
  • Mana Bundle
    • Mana Symbol Avatar
    • Mana Symbol Jump Stamp
    • Mana Symbol Recall Skin
  • Vintage Bundle
    • Artifacts of Power Loading Frame
    • Magic Cards Level Up
    • Magic: The Gathering Loading Screen
  • Collector Bundle (Buy All)
    • Black Lotus Avatar
    • Planeswalker Title

So, what can you say about Surtr? Does he have the potential to shake the meta up or he’s just another middling god at best?

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