Smite Welcomes The Destroyer to the Fight on February 22

A new god is arriving soon.
A new god is arriving soon. Hi-Rez Studios

Shiva the Destroyer is set to make his presence felt in Smite through the 9.2 update. It's launching on February 22 and brings with it new Dharmic Era Skins. The update will introduce Big Gun Khepri and Shadow Prowler Bastet in the Viewer Store as well.

Welcome Pass

One of the highlights of the upcoming update is the Welcome Pass system. This is a new rewards system designed for new players but will be accessible to everyone. It lasts for 30 days from the time that a player first logs into the game. That means each player has their own unique 30-day timeline for finishing it.

For the Welcome Pass, players get a reward by finishing Normal or Ranked matches. For each match played, players move one level and unlock one reward. There's a total of 20 levels of rewards with the final one a free god from the roster.

Destruction and Bliss

Going back to Shiva, some of you are probably wondering what he brings to the fight. His Passive is called Samsara where Shiva cycles between the states of Destruction and Bliss, dealing damage to enemies with attacks and abilities. Each state benefits Shiva and his allies, or by hindering his enemies. When switching between states, his non-ultimate ability cooldowns are lowered by two seconds. Here are the details of his other abilities:

  • Emblazoned Sweep
    • Shiva’s trident is emblazoned with the fire of Agni as he spins it around dealing damage, pulling in enemies, and leaving behind a firewall at the edge.
    • Bliss: Allies gain a Movement Speed buff on passing the firewall.
    • Destruction: Enemies suffer a Protection Reduction debuff on passing the firewall.
  • Damaru’s Tempo
    • Shiva hits the butt of his trident down into the ground, shaking the damaru drum and causing energy to dissipate and damage enemies.
      • Depending on the selection, enemies in the chosen segment are knocked up as well.
    • Bliss: Allies gain an Attack Speed buff if the energy passes through them.
    • Destruction: Enemies suffer an Attack Speed debuff if the energy passes through them.
  • Pillar of Dawn
    • Shiva dashes into a pillar of fire where he meditates for a short duration, taking reduced damage and CC Immune, before being able to dash out again.
      • Each dash deals damage to enemies and as he meditates, the pillar emits an aura.
    • Bliss: Allies in the aura gain a block stack while Shiva gains up to 3 after leaving.
    • Destruction: Enemies in the aura suffer constant damage.
  • Shiva Tandava
    • Shiva performs his Tandava, channeling for the next 6 seconds with CC Immunity and 20% damage mitigation.
    • Every 1.5 seconds he performs a step that can be preselected.
    • Step one: Ally Healing and Mana restore.
    • Step two: 50% Damage and Healing and also amplification of next step radius and effects.
    • Step three: Damage and Shield reduction to Enemies.

Read more about what's coming in the 9.2 update here.

Smite is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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