Smash Legends Introduces the Small but Strong Maya

Size isn't everything.
Size isn't everything. 5minlab

A new Legend has arrived in Smash Legends and it’s the Small but Strong Thumbelina known as Maya. She’s the 28th Legend to be part of the roster, and as a Vanguard Legend, she uses a giant robot to charge into enemies. This robot offers quick mobility since it can leap and charge forward. Players can obtain Maya by buying the Smash Pass and reaching Stage 10.

Summer Festival Event

Maya arrives in the game courtesy of the July update that also marks the beginning of summer, which means the 2022 Summer Festival is finally here. From July 7 to August 8, the background and sound of the in-game lobby now have a summer beach theme.

In addition, players can find on the map summer-themed items like water balloons, tropical juice, and even ice cream, and summer-themed skins for the duration of the event. By the way, players can see in-game effects when the summer-themed skins are equipped.

Duo Touchdown Mode

The July update also moves the Duo Touchdown mode from Arena Lab to an official mode. This is a 2v2 mode where a team needs to escort a target to a destination before the other team to win.

Balance Changes

For the update itself, one of the changes was done on Team Touchdown. The knockback presence is not only stronger but also puts stress on those getting hit. That’s because the knockback distance proportional to HP is lowered by around 30%.

Another change players will love is that the hitboxes of the Legends are edited to fit their respective appearances. This was because some Legends had smaller or larger hitboxes than their actual size. With the change, hitting and getting hit should feel more intuitive.

For the Legends, below are the summary:

  • Buff
    • Alice
    • Don Quixote
    • Ducky & Swan
    • Flare
    • Kurenai
    • Witch Queen
    • YongYong
  • Adjustment
    • Octavia
    • Robin
    • Zeppetta
  • Nerf
    • Goldie
    • Hook

Check out what those changes are here.

Smash Legends offers a real-time PvP action game where the playtimes per match are quick. The game is available on PC through Steam, Android, and iOS, and it supports cross-play on these platforms.

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