Slipways December 23 Update: New Technologies and Adjustments

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Slipways recently received its second update that added new technologies and changes to the existing ones.

The developers added Megastructures, which is the latest tier 3 Ba'qar tech. This new technology can generate happiness and money on populated planets. The amount of happiness and money generated will vary according to ore deliveries.

The second new technology is Interstellar Networks, replacing Ubiquitous Network. This tech is focused on exchanging a type of new resource.

The developers also tweaked existing technologies. For example, the Hyperdrive tech will take two months to build each connection. The cost to build these has also increased, which means players have to decide wisely.

Slipways Update

  • Experimental Tech: Three free relays instead of two
  • Efficient: Also increase income on forgeworlds
  • Luxury: Increases income for each [goods] received instead of once
  • Researchers now allow ignoring tech tiers three times
  • Reciprocity, Miners, Prospectors: Higher numbers
Technologies Weakened
  • Culture Dissemination: No longer enables prosperous planets to generate multiple happiness from culture
  • Quantum Computing: It is now a project that you explicitly build on labs, which increases their upkeep. The second level is now +3 science instead of +4.
  • Orbital Labs: Increased science cost
  • Gene Adjustment: Cannot reduce upkeep below -1$
  • Skill Download: No longer affects special resources like culture or energy
  • Sleep Replacement: Slightly lower bonus
Technologies Buffed
  • Self-Sustaining Ecosystems, Asteroid Dwellings: Both types of habitats now generate happiness like planets and can reach "prosperous"
  • Precise anchoring (upgrade): Moved down a tier
  • Slip Amplifiers: Cheaper to build, reduce cost for slipways built from/to the planet as well
  • Xenostudies: Allows [people]->[science] on the first level, available on primordials, swamps, jungles
  • Biohybrids: Cheaper, less upkeep, available on primordials, swamps, jungles
  • Trade League: Can reach +4% happiness now (with all 7 resources delivered), pays for resources like any other destination now instead of directly generating $ as production
  • Monoliths: Cheaper, get +2% happiness when activated now
  • Void Synthesis: Cheaper, can support up to 3 destinations now
  • Nanofabrication: Added to Ba'qar tech list, enables Terraforming Drones now
  • Geothermals: Lower upkeep, additionally available on iceball planets
  • Drillbots: Moved one tier lower, better output
  • Ascension gates: Accept any number of people, +1% happiness for the first three, +2% happiness for anything beyond that
  • Universal Miniaturization, Plasma Containment, Limited Teleportation: Costs lowered

You can read more about the update here.

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