Skull and Bones: Here's Four Ways to Increase Your Infamy

Work your way up the ranks. Ubisoft

Skull and Bones is an action-adventure game released in February 16 and available for the PC, PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Series X/S. It's set in Southeast Asia and East Africa sometime in the late 17th century, a time that's said to be the Golden Age of Piracy. The game has players take control of a customizable pirate ship and go on a journey to rule the seas.

The thing is all players start as a pirate outcast. They'll need to raise their ranks especially if they want to earn new ships, new weapons, and new attachments, to name a few. To make this happen players need to raise their Infamy. Today we'll look at some of the ways for you to raise Infamy.

The Golden Path

As mentioned, you'll start as a pirate outcast which means you have nothing to your name. You start at the pirate den of Sainte-Anne. There's a chance you'll be tempted explore your surroundings or even have a chat with merchants.

The trick though is to look for and talk to John Scurlock. You see when it comes to Sainte-Anne, almost everything that happens goes through Scurlock. Not surprising since his is the pirate kingpin of Sainte-Anne. What this means is that you need to get into his good graces if you want to make any progress. Once you talk with him, he'll lead you to the main campaign and put you on the road to getting your first ship.

Don't Ignore the Rumors

While you're docked at pirate dens, keep an ear out for rumors. These can help you get a clue on a treasure that's said to be lost forever or maybe get hints on how to learn more about the mysterious disappearance of a pirate crew. These may be rumors but getting to their root is sure to make you feel like a detective.

Go on a Hunt

Every now and then the game is going to notify you of world events that are happening. One of these is a merchant convoy that just so happens to be carrying valuable cargo. You'll need to intercept the convoy and you have to do it before they reach their destination. Once you manage to sink the ships in this convoy, you'll not only get goods but also Infamy. It's not going to be easy since the merchant ships aren't travelling on their own and have armed escorts.

The Treasure Hunt

Of course, it won't be a game about pirates if there's no treasure. This is another world event in the game which gives the location of a legendary treasure map to all nearby players. The maps lead to extremely valuable chests which not only has loot but also Infamy. Of course, there's risk associated with it. In particular, once you have the treasure map, you'll be immediately placed in PvP combat.

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