Here's Your Guide to the Magus in SYNDUALITY: Echo of Ada

Learn more about what the Magus has to offer. Bandai Namco

A while back, Bandai Namco released a trailer for SYNDUALITY: Echo of Ada. It gave everyone a peek on the different customizations available in the game. One of these is being able to choose the Magus and today we'll take a look into that.

As a quick background, the game is set in a world where most of humanity has been wiped out. To survive, some of the survivors need to collect rare resources known as AO crystals. These crystals are being gather by Drifters who pilot mechs and accompanied by a Magus.

Magus Type

Now there are four base Magus for you to choose from with each one having different personalities. The first one is MGS-G-001, who was the first Magus developed by Amasia and has a personality set that's based on Ada. When it comes to providing support, this Magus is both calm and collected. This one also offers level and even measured output at all times. Every now and then you'll get some occasional quip based on the Uniter's whims.

Then there's MGS-I-001 who has a mentor personality set. Both composed and analytical, this one has excellent adaptability when it comes to the battlefield. Tough but fair, this personality clearly applies the carrot and stick approach. MGS-S-002 meanwhile has a tactician personality set. This one is all about treating any and all situations with care and hence the focus on defensive strategies. This particular Magus is all about optimal performance in times of crisis.

Finally, there's the MGS-T-006. With an instructor personality set, this one offer nurturing support that often feels like being overbearing. This flexible set is able to adapt to the personality of its Uniter.

Support Type

Aside from choosing the Magus type, you can also select unique support type. A Weather Adaptive one for example has a system that's specialized when it comes to weather observation. This one has a rain cloud radar that's displayed on the map and has a skill which can prevent poisonous rain.

Cradle Maintenance type meanwhile is all about repair but does it at a faster rate. It also has an ability to analyze Cradle while having a skill which accelerates recovery of the body. Anti-Enders type on other hand are good when it comes to fighting Enders. This one allows for multiple simultaneous attacks. Anti-Cradle type specializes in fighting against Cradle. The magus skill associated is one that suppresses the movement of enemies within a certain range.

Finally, there's the Defensive type. As the name implies, this one is all about defense over attack. In addition to putting up defensive walls, it can also lower damage taken from grenades.

What do you think? Which Magus do you prefer?

SYNDUALITY: Echo of Ada is set to come out sometime this year and to be available for the PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Series X/S.

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