Skrulls MCU Debut Was Originally Before Captain Marvel

Director James Gunn Confirms Skrulls Were Planned For Guardians
Skrulls and Carol Danvers have crossed paths in the past Marvel Comics

One of the biggest pieces of news from San Diego Comic-Con was the reveal that the Skrulls will be featured in the upcoming Captain Marve l movie . However, it seems the shape-shifting green aliens almost made their MCU debut years prior.  

Cinemablend a s k e d Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn about the Skrulls inclusion in Captain Marvel , and that’s when he revealed that the aliens were almost included as a small part of his large film. The Skrulls were never “off the board” when it came to what or who Gunn could include in his movie, though some assumed the Skrulls’ connection to the Fantastic Four, and therefore 20th Century Fox, prevented it from happening.

"No, [Marvel] never said no. [They] said yes!" Gunn explained. "It's something that we've talked a lot about dealing with. I almost put a Skrull in the Ravagers. But I'm really excited they're coming about, and I think it's going to be fun to see where they go from there, and what happens with the Skrulls in the future of the Marvel Universe. I'm a huge fan of the Skrulls."

So what caused Gunn to take the Skrull out of the Ravagers and out of Guardians of the Galaxy altogether? Well, it seems that the Skrulls couldn’t fit into the large script.

"I think it's all a matter of how many things you have in a movie," Gunn said. "I find that one of the things with writing these movies is that they start off incredible complicated, and then I have go, 'Uhhhh' and cut some of this great stuff... So often times there's a lot of different elements, whether it's scenes or characters or cameos or whatever, you end up cutting down, down, down, down until you get to what the movie is. Because there's an elegance in the simplicity that's incredibly important in these movies, because they are complicated! They're in outer-space, we don't know where they are, there's a lot of characters, so how do you cut that down to what the most necessary components of the stories are?"

Some tidbits regarding the Captain Marvel film, starring Brie Larson, was revealed at SDCC including that the movie will take place in the 90s and that Samuel L. Jackson will reprise his role as Nick Fury.

Captain Marvel is set to release in theaters in 2019.

Would you have liked to see a Skrull in the Ravagers? Are you glad that the Skrulls’ MCU debut will be saved for Captain Marvel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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