Skater XL Multiplayer Free Skate Open Beta is Here

Excited for this new feature?
Excited for this new feature? Easy Day Studios

Skater XL announced that the open beta for its Multiplayer Free Skate is now live. In this mode, a maximum of 10 players can enjoy a free skate session together. For now, this feature is set to be released on PC while versions for PlayStation and Xbox to be launched at a later date.

Developer Easy Day Studios shared that when they first developed the game, they always wanted it to be different from the usual skating games. In particular, they wanted the game to be a sandbox-style platform where players can interact with one another and have a platform for their creative expression.

Features of Multiplayer Free Skate include:

  • Skate with as many as 10 people online.
    • Be able to join a random room or have your own private one and invite friends to join using a passcode.
  • Replays
    • Players can replay and save their group party lines.
    • Features a replay editor functionality, which is also available in single-player mode.

The open beta is currently available on Steam. To access it, simply follow these steps:

  • Right-click "Skater XL" and open Properties.
  • Select the "beta - Open Beta" branch.
  • Steam should start downloading this version of the game.
    • Once it has finished, players should be able to try the update.
    • The game name in the library should now show “Skater XL [beta].”

To go back to the regular game, players simply need to return to the original screen and choose this option in the drop-down menu: “NONE - opt out of all betas.”

The team at Easy Day Studios reminded everyone that the open beta functions basically as a “stress test.” That means there may be some unexpected errors that players can encounter. This is part of the process and those who are part of the beta testing need to give feedback. To do this, just look for “WebLinks” that are found in the main menu and then fill up surveys and feedback forms.

Released in July 2020, Skater XL boasts of being the evolution when it comes to skateboarding gameplay. The game lets skate gamers have the expressive controls they have long dreamed of.

Skater XL is offered at $39.99 and available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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