Get the Chance to Own Official Six Invitational 2021 Jacket

Get to own this exclusive item.
Get to own this exclusive item. DRKN

The Six Invitational 2021 is the biggest tournament of Rainbow Six Siege. Twenty of the world’s best teams will fight for supremacy to get the largest share of the prize pool.

Since it’s the first time the tournament is held without an audience, it's difficult to show support for the event. However, Ubisoft has partnered with DRKN to release a premium jacket supporting the Six Invitational 2021. See it in action in the video below:

As the video shows, the jacket has that Six Siege orange zip along with the reflective prints. Then, there’s the orange drawstring at the back of the hood to offer that added customization. Meanwhile, the inside has the unique Six Invitational pattern. In addition to the jacket, DRKN also released limited patches for the event, which can be attached to the jacket.

In a statement, DRKN Creative Director Hampus Ericstam revealed that they are excited about the jacket as it has been designed for esports professionals to wear it with pride. Ericstam added that it has been an honor to work on this jacket and it has been a fantastic experience. Dominique Létourneau over at Ubisoft shared that they are happy to have partnered with DRKN and they are excited to see players and fans around the world wear it.

You can get the jacket here .

Six Invitational 2021

The Six Invitational 2021 is the fifth such tournament. The Group Stage is on February 9 to 14 with the Playoffs scheduled for February 17 to 21. For the first time ever, the tourney is to be held outside of Montreal, specifically in Paris. While the tournament is done offline, there’s no live audience due to health and safety concerns. Still, it’s good that the tournament happened despite the ongoing pandemic.

The teams participating are:

  • Group A
    • BDS Esports
    • Cloud9
    • CYCLOPS athlete gaming
    • DarkZero Esports
    • FaZe Clan
    • FURIA Esports
    • G2 Esports
    • Team Empire
    • Team Liquid
    • Team oNe eSports
  • Group B
    • Altiora
    • Giants Gaming
    • MIBR
    • Mkers
    • Ninjas in Pyjamas
    • Oxygen Esports
    • Spacestation Gaming
    • TSM
    • Wildcard Gaming

Read more about the upcoming tournament here.

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