Rainbow Six Siege Six Invitational Battle Pass Now Live, Ends on February 22

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Rainbow Six Siege's new season Operation Neon Dawn is now live on all platforms. The new season brings a new defending operator, Aruni, a reworked Skyscraper, balancing changes for Echo, Hibana, Jager, and more . Like other seasons, this one includes a fresh Battle Pass. The Six Invitational Battle Pass is quite big. It has over 100 tiers that you can unlock. There are two paths, one for premium and another for free users.

If you want to get the cosmetics from the premium path, you can buy it for 1200 R6 Credits. But if you own the Year 5 Pass, then you can get the Battle Pass for only 840 R6 Credits. There is a premium bundle available as well. This bundle will unlock the first 12 tiers instantly, which means less grinding. The price of the bundle is 2400 R6 Credits. With Year 5 Pass, the price drops to 1680 R6 Credits.

The Battle Pass will run for 83 Days, starting from December 1, 2020, to February 22, 2021. That's plenty of time to complete the event. Finishing the premium path will give back 600 R6 Credits, like a rebate.

You can finish the pass faster by completing the challenges. Both private and community challenges count. You will also receive battle points by winning matches, rounds, or just finishing a game. So, don’t rage quit whenever you are losing.

That’s not all. Ubisoft announced that 30 percent of the revenue from the pass will go to the prize money of Six Invitational. This means you are supporting the team that will win the tournament.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in the Year 5 Season 4 Battle Pass? Will you buy the premium path or stick with the free version? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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