Sims Mobile Releases Worldwide By April

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The latest trailer for The Sims Mobile confirms you can, in fact, get down and/or get funky. EA

EA announced The Sims Mobile last May and we finally have a solid worldwide release window. The company’s  Q3 2018 earnings call says the Sims Mobile will arrive in Q4, which for EA ends March 31.

The Sims Mobile will launch worldwide on iOS and Android,” said CEO Andrew Wilson.  “This game is a major leap forward for the franchise, combining the unique Sims magic with new dimensions of social play. Sims players are some of our most diverse and committed fans, and with games like The Sims 4 and The Sims FreePlay, we’ve shown how we build and deliver for these communities over many years.”

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The Sims Mobile brings franchise fundamentals to your smartphone. Photo: EA

Development on The Sims FreePlay, the franchise’s older mobile game, will continue. Both will be available on Android and iPhone, but there are a few key differences between them. In FreePlay, time is static; an hour is a real-world hour. That can be the case in Sims Mobile, but it doesn’t have to be. You can turn an eight-hour event into a ten-minute event.

There is also a small multiplayer element to The Sims Mobile. While you can’t play directly with your friends, you can play with your friends’ Sims. Invite them to parties and build relationships.  It’s a huge upgrade from FreePlay, technologically speaking. If you’re familiar with Sims 4, you’ll notice the aesthetics are very similar. Expect active careers like barista, culinary and fashion. In the trailer, one Sim is a photographer and another a rock star. Five traits are unlocked when you begin the game:” artsy, aesthetic, flirty, geek, logical and musical.

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There's no specific release date yet. Photo: EA

Legacy is the theme of the game. If you accomplish goals and retire, you're rewarded with family heirlooms that unlock more hobbies and careers to tell deeper stories. For example, a grandfather’s success could open up the opportunity for granddaughter to be governor or president. A mad scientist could inspire younger relative to become astronaut.

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