The Sims Mobile: Are You Ready for the Jungle Rush?

Welcome to the jungle!
Welcome to the jungle! EA

After the Briny Nights, The Sims Mobile players are invited to a new adventure in Sim Festival Season Eight. In "Jungle Rush," King Raymundo Rodiekhkare has resurrected and is offering to be your guide. He may seem to be a bit distracted at times but if you follow his lead, you're sure to meet Wumples. Are you prepared to take a walk to the wild side?

Going back to King Raymundo, he's been obsessed with his new phone and not afraid to take those selfies. Players are invited to join him in the Sim Festival and complete daily tasks. Those who can progress to Tier 50 with Sims Festival Pass can unlock different rewards like the Designer Home and Lagoon Lodge.

Rewards Galore

For this new season, there are live events and each one has rather interesting rewards in store for everyone. These are:

  • Sweet Treat Showdown
    • Grand Prizes
      • Cozy Jacuzzi Corner Bathtub
      • Strapless Leafy Swimsuit
      • Fancy Cut Swimsuit
      • The Perfect Llama Disguise
    • Royal Treat Box Rewards
      • Low-key Lovely Loch
      • Muted Cozy Chair
      • Uptown Glitz Bar
    • Sweet Treat Box Rewards
      • Red Carpet Ready Dress
      • Parks and Rec Vest
      • Beach Time Hairstyle
      • Soda Shop Stroll Outdoor Lamp
      • Vibrant Dusk Patio Chair
      • Best of Friends Dining Table
      • Kitsch Swimming Shorts
  • "Daunting Dusk" Treasure Hunt
    • Grand Prizes
      • Veiled Bathtub & Shower
      • Not Flatscreen TV
      • All Real Dreadlocks
    • Pyramid Prizes
      • Tall Paneled Double Bed
      • Milk Maid Dress
      • Wavy Ruffled Blouse
      • Uncombed But Good Hair
      • Daily Grind Office Vest
      • Extra Cushioned Chair
      • Townhall End Table
      • Curio Shop Talisman
      • Good Cake Leather Pants
      • Old Timey Wooden Column
      • Thirst-proof Ground Cactus
      • Apothecary's Shelf
      • Bad Omen Junk Car
      • Wannabe Warrior Shorts
      • Outrider's Hat
      • Mr Shambley
  • "Hallways Ready" Treasure Hunt
    • Grand Prizes
      • Juice Pong Bar
      • Llamazoom Gaming Laptop
      • The Cutest Cut
    • Pyramid Prizes
      • Extra Curricular Board
      • Bloom Shirt Pinafore
      • Dorm Single Bed with Storage
      • One-piece College Sofa
      • Status Symbol Jacket
      • School Library Bookshelf
      • Head Teacher's Desk
      • It Has Pockets! Skirt
      • Cushy Inheritance Top
      • Fenced Plant Pots
      • Science Club Banner
      • Computer Lab Chair
      • Computer Lab Table
      • Smart Accented Polo
      • Bright Future Cap
      • Bright Future Robe

What are you waiting for? Check out the complete details of the Sims Festival Season Eight here. The Sims Mobile was released in March 2018 and is available on Android and iOS.

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