‘Sims FreePlay’ Guide: ‘Sims And The City Quest’ Awards Penthouses And Celebrity Fashion

The Sims Freeplay update brings penthouse apartments and they look awesome, but you’ll need to complete the Sims and the City Discovery Quest to take advantage of the new assets. This means you need to have completed the Simtown express quest first. This new quest will earn you the keys to a downtown penthouse apartments and a glamorous celebrity fashion pack as an added bonus. Time to take your build mode dreams to new heights!

To start the quest, go to the park and find the special director Sim. There’s a 7 day time limit. Here’s the sequence of events and once your are done, you’ll be able to build the penthouse apartments in downtown.

Send a Sim to the Park

Ask Miss Director What's Wrong - 30 seconds

Offer to help Miss Director - 12 seconds

Demonstrate touring ability - 2 minutes

Watch 'Simtown Stars' - 5 hours

Answer call from director - 48 seconds

Send 3 sims to the Park

Request an autograph - 2 minutes

Offer Prim a tour - 7 hours 45 minutes

Present the Thinking Man - 2 minutes

Tell a story of the park - 10 hours 5 minutes

Send a Sim home

Boast about a visitor - 13 hours 45 minutes

Celebrate Simtown diversity

Take a selfie with Prim - 2 minutes

Gossip with Prim - 1 hour 35 minutes

Place a decoration

Confess plan for fame - 11 hours 45 minutes

Ask where to start - 2 minutes

Clean strange slime from fridge - 17 hours 30 minutes

Query random acts or kindness - 1 hour 35 minutes

Bake donuts in an oven - 8 hours

Give donuts to a stranger - 2 hours 25 minutes

Talk to prim - 19 hours 45 minutes

Hug Prim - 4 hours 45 minutes

Say farewell to Prim - 1 day 2 hours 45 minutes

There are four penthouse apartments. One lot is empty. The second is ‘two and a half beds,’ with a bunkbed. The third is ‘sanctuary in the sky’ and it has a garden in the middle with windows. The fourth is ‘lofty penthouse’ with a pool and a piano and a deck.

Live the glamorous life in one of four apartments.
Live the glamorous life in one of four apartments. EA
Start building penthouses in 'Sims FreePlay.'
Start building penthouses in 'Sims FreePlay.' EA

The following items will be unlocked:

Faux Lawn and Wooden Panels (patio paving and balcony paving sections)

Glass Partition (decorations section)

Support Column (decorations section)

Flat roofing (roofing section)

Exposed Concrete (flooring section)

Modern Glass Panes (windows section)

Single and Double Penthouse Doors (doors section)

Exposed Brick, White Brick, Classic Brick, Warehouse Wall and Simple Concrete (walls section)

Contempo-Stair-y (stairs section)

The prize for completing in the time limit are these celebrity fashion outfits.

There’s also a few more elements to this update in addition to penthouse apartments, such as the Custom Closets Hobby Event and Love Is Blinds Hobby Event . Create amazing walk-in wardrobes, complete with chandeliers, ottomans, and handbag and shoe racks and add extra polish to your home with curtains and blinds.

Stay tuned for a short guide on the Sims Freeplay hobby events.

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