The Sims 4 Features Bretman Rock in Latest Find Yourself Campaign

Discover more about yourself.
Discover more about yourself. EA

The Sims franchise has long given players the freedom to do what they want in the game, from the Sims created, stories told, and worlds built. All of these allow everyone to express different versions of themselves.

To encourage players to find their many-selves The Sims 4 partnered with Bretman Rock in a “Find Yourselves” campaign. Getting inspiration from a lot of classic coming-of-age sitcoms, players get the chance to meet different versions of Bretman Rock, all living together like one big family.

In a statement, Bretman Rock revealed that growing up, he needed creative outlets to learn more about his different sides, and in fact, he’s not done yet. He added that The Sims has always been about players exploring who they are and this campaign hopes to encourage players to discover all the many sides of themselves.

Meanwhile, for The Sims Head of Brand Julia Victor, the game remains to be a platform where players can create and explore without any boundaries. She went on to say that Bretman Rock has always advocated for people to be true to themselves and hope players can feel the same.

Learn more about this new campaign here.

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The Neighborhood Stories is Live

A new update has been released for The Sims 4, which means that Neighborhood Stories is now live. This new feature has players trying to “influence” how NPCs act. For example, they can be a Neighborhood Confidante or a helpful and positive presence for Neighbor Sims. Those who want to be on the mean side can become a Villainous Valentine and destroy the love lives of Sims. Read more about Neighborhood Stories here.

New Additions

This latest update also brought a new feature: the Likes and Dislikes for Cottagecore in the Music category. It also added the Cross-Stitching and Knitting in the Activity section. Plus, there is something new in the Build Mode called “Through the Looking Glass Window.”

Learn more about what arrived in the new update here.

The Sims 4 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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