Enjoy Neighborhood Stories in The Sims 4 Starting November 30

Ready for some life changes?
Ready for some life changes? EA

The Sims 4 is introducing a new feature called Neighborhood Stories. This is a set of gameplay moments that revolve around a single purpose: to bring more life to Neighbor Sims living outside the active household. It's arriving in the game on November 30.

Neighbor Sims actually refers to most of the NPCs. These do not include special NPCs like the Grim Reaper. What’s going to happen is that these Neighbor Sims are going to move through life like the player’s Sims. For example, they can choose to have a new career or even decide to have a baby. Exciting, right?

Going back to Neighborhood Stories, the gameplay itself is divided into life changes that players' Sims can influence and have Neighbor Sims considered. Then, there are the things that the Neighbor Sims can autonomously consider.

The first is known as Autonomous or Active Sim Influenced Life Changes. These are life changes that Neighbor Sims can consider independently or have players' Sims try to convince them to do. Examples include:

  • Change their current Career to a different one.
  • Have a baby with their partner, if they are in a relationship where either Sim can become pregnant.
  • Hang out with other Sims to form or deepen Friendly relationships

The second is the Autonomous-only Life Changes. These life changes are those that Neighbor Sims undergo independently though they may check with a Sim in the active household. In essence, Neighbor Sims just need a little push. Examples are:

  • Try to get promoted in their current Career.
  • Accept a marriage proposal, if they are already engaged to another Sim. Neighbor Sims though won’t autonomously get married for now.

Finally, there is the Active Sim Influenced Life Changes, which players' Sims can do and lead to life changes for Neighbor Sims. Examples include:

  • Trash talk one Sim to another. This reduces the relationship between those two Neighbor Sims.
  • Try to get two grown-up Sims, or two Teen Sims, to form a Romantic relationship.
  • Try to convince a Sim in a relationship to dump/divorce their Romantic partner.
  • Encourage an unemployed Neighbor Sim to find a job.

Learn more about this new feature here.

The Sims 4 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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