Sims 4 Update February 2018: New Traits, Vampire Fixes, Toddler Bed & More

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Vampires can transform into bats, teleport, and run at superspeed.
Vampires can transform into bats, teleport, and run at superspeed. TS4

With the Jungle Adventure game pack right around the corner, The Sims 4 team is making a few updates to the base game. The Sims February patch includes a few new traits, a couple improved versions of existing traits, as well as some important bug fixes.

The Never Weary trait now actually provides the full benefit of the word “never.” Seldom Sleepy is a new self-explanatory trait -- you might enjoy rest, but you don’t sleep very often. The Sims team also upgraded the Independent, Antiseptic and Hardly Hunter traits to Needs No One, Forever Fresh and Forever Full. It’s unclear how the upgraded traits will affect the Sims differently.

With a brand new toddler bed called “The Littlest Big Bed” comes a toddlers bug fix. Toddlers can now sleep in tents. “Apologies to the parents that were using that as an excuse to find peace in the woods,” the patch notes joke.

The new bed from the February 2018 update.
The new bed from the February 2018 update. Sims Community

Oddly enough, most of the fixes in this update aim to improve the Vampire life state. The biggest one is Vampires no longer getting burned from the sun while underground. According to the patch notes, another of the of the eight Vampire updates was quite controversial: Vlad now has level 15 vampire lore.

“As the writer of this release note,” says SimGuruGnome, “It should be noted that I disagree with this change on the grounds that as a human, I would say my human lore is pretty low. I’m sure Vlad was there for all of vampiric history, but was he really aware of it all… I think a solid 11 or 12 lore tops. But we can save the debate for another time.”

The team has also finally fixed numerous small and annoying bugs. Solid doors won’t let light pass through. Vegetable Casserole will now be referred to as Vegetable Casserole instead of Tofu Casserole. Baking recipes that call for Blueberries will now ask for Blackberries… since there’s no blueberries in the game.

Pets in labor will no longer attempt to stand upright, causing them to distort in their portrait images. “It was scary… animal rights groups were greatly concerned,” SimGuruGnome reports. And last but not least, customers of your restaurant will now actually leave the restaurant when it closes. “You’re still here? It’s over. Go home.”

To read SimGuruGnome’s full patch notes, follow this link. Sims 4 Jungle Adventure arrives Feb. 27. Check back for our review.

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