‘Sims 4’ Update: Designer Asks Players To Send Their Skin Tones

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Expect loads of new content in the coming months. EA

Sims 4 has been generous with free updates this year. First, the unisex CAS update. Then, the toddler update. Little additions like lot traits and better lighting go a long way, and another small but impactful change may be in the early stages of development. The Sims is asking players to send photos of their skin tones to add to the existing CAS selection.

The Sims 3 had a base of six skin colors, but once selected, players could adjust the tone with a slider. Many Sims 4 players are hoping the development team could take that same approach in a new update, which would make skin color options nearly limitless in TS4 , because there are already a dozen base colors.

sims 4 skin color
These are the current available complexions. Photo: EA

The current TS4 skin color selections lack diversity in darker shades. Warmer shades of brown and black skin tones are the most necessary additions. Many players have also noticed many of the tan skin colors have yellow undertones, which could be another point of focus. Additional skin details and blemishes, and more subtle makeup options, could also help players design unique, realistic looking Sims which better represent the variety of complexions around the world.

Are you happy with the skin color selections? Let us know what you think the Sims team should work on in the comments.

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