Sims 4 Laundry Day Clothesline Is Heaven On Earth

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I'd never want to hang my clothes, but it's relaxing to watch.
I'd never want to hang my clothes, but it's relaxing to watch. Wikimedia Commons

Just imagine… a wooden clothesline in your backyard with a white blouse blowing in the sea breeze and a view of the shore in the back. At least that’s what I pictured when EA announced the Sims 4 Eco Living DLC. That DLC, originally pitched as a fan-made stuff pack focusing on sustainable items and laundry, turned into Laundry Day . And while many players were dead-set on a washing machine and dryer, and ultimately voted for that, the Sims team pledged to still include a clothesline, and it looks heavenly.


There’s really nothing better than an ocean breeze on a humid day, or the smell of freshly washed clothes. Combine the two, and that’s what this GIF shared by a Sims producer gives us. Sure, we can’t smell or feel anything but we can imagine how peaceful it would be if we could afford a beach house and had the time to actually hang clothes on a clothesline and wait for them to dry. That’s what makes the prospect of the clothesline so enticing, isn't it? Patience and relaxation… two things I don’t have time for.

Anyway, Sims 4: Laundry Day won’t release until an unspecified date in 2018. Hopefully we’ll get some more info soon… maybe even a sensual GIF of a Sim using the ironing board. Who doesn’t love the sound of damp clothes crackling beneath a steaming hot press?

Is the clothesline everything you imagined it to be? Let us know in the comments.

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