‘Sims 4’ Expansion Pack Surveys Tease Possible New Content, Including Pets, Winter Vacation, And Fashion Career

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In true Sims fan fashion, we're thinking about possible DLCs years before they release and today we got a glimpse of hope about some great things for the future. These expansion packs and game packs are far from confirmed, but it does give us an idea about what sort of content the Sims team is interested in adding to the game.

Two surveys have leaked, The Sims Community reports. The second one seems more legit, since the first was translated from French. Originally posted on reddit, the survey lists four expansion packs.

Sims 4: Entrepreneur - Flip houses, run an art gallery, build a water park, or start a cafe with live music.

Sims 4: Winter Vacation - Build a snowman, have a snowball fight, go snowboarding, stroll through the mountains, and choose your winter cabin.

Sims 4: Fashion Forward - Design and customize clothing with a new sewing machine. Host a fashion show and become a model.

Sims 4: Love Life - All new romantic dates, play cupid for your friends, and new wedding options, like asking your parents for permission.

The survey also asks which careers players would be interested in getting. Some of the more exciting options include superhero or supervillain, a farmer, model, florist, actor, celebrity, fashion designer and teacher.


Sim Survey


The other survey lists four different DLCs, though it’s hard to get as specific because of the language barrier. The first is an expansion pack we’ve been expecting for some time now: Pets.

The Sims 4: Small Pets - Adopt a bird, ferret, guinea pig, or reptile and own a pet store. Teach them tricks like “go fetch” and customize their look.

The Sims 4: Dream Jobs - Become an astronaut, a villain, or start a band.  

The Sims 4: Beauty Salon - Offer haircuts, manicures, tattoos, or waxing, at your salon full of expert cosmetologists.

The Sims 4: Summer Holidays -  Build a sand castle, go to a luau, surf in the ocean, go shell huntings, meet a mermaid and enjoy your sweet summer digs.

Out of all of these, I’d be happy to get Summer or Winter vacation. The farmer career is also intriguing since there’s no history on what that new world would look like. However, Fashion Forward is a must have. The game is seriously lacking stylish clothes and players often have to resort to mods to get the look they want. The Sims has never really been able to replicate streetwear, and if they can do that this year on top of the new City Living expansion pack, that’d be a must buy.

What do you think of the ideas? Let us know in the comments below.

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