The Sims 4 Adding New Assets to Create A Sim

Preparing for the release of new kits.
Preparing for the release of new kits. EA

The Sims 4 is adding two new kits sometime in October. In preparation, an update has been released that added assets to Create A Sim. The new additions are inspired by the looks featured in the new kits.

One of the kits is the Season of Selves - Fashion Street, which focuses on Mumbai. There are two full-body assets inspired by the kit and available for Male and Female Frames. There’s also a bottom piece for Male Frame Sims along with a headpiece, a tattoo, and even a bracelet.

The second kit is about Incheon Arrivals and focuses on Seoul, South Korea. In addition to the two full-body outfits, there are also two new hairstyles.

Before we take a closer look into the new assets, the update only has one bug fix. That’s right, only one. With the update, Sims living the career lifestyle now have their outfits up to par. That means all career levels now have appropriate outfits.

Going to the highlight of the update, SimGuruRusskii of The Sims 4 revealed in a post that most of the work for this new update was done by the art team. As a result, players can expect to see 1,200 new variants of the 149 Base Game items in Build Mode. Just in case you’re doubting what you read, that is 1,200 variants.

SimGuruRusskii went on to say that the goal of the Art Team was to complement and enhance the asset for the Simmers to have more choices as well as have more use out of them.

The base game items with new variants include:

  • Illusion Shades
  • Flaunting Flounces Panels
  • Minimalist Drapes
  • Sooner or Ladder Contemporary Dining Chair
  • Tabula Rasa Coffee Table
  • Floored by Symmetry Standing Mirror
  • Carina Dining Hutch
  • Simple Symmetry Bookcase
  • Capped Wall Plank
  • Dodecagon Contemporary Clock
  • Honeycomb Bottle Holder
  • On Phantom Wing Framed Art
  • Apple of Your Eye Framed Watercolor
  • Cluttered Mind Box Set
  • GrammyFone Old-Fashioned Music Player
  • In Session Novelty Chalkboard

View the complete list here.

The Sims 4 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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