‘The Sims 4’ CAS Guide: How To Create Transgender Sims

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The latest update brings so many new options to CAS. The Sims 4

The latest Sims patch brings gender customization to Create-A-Sim. The game itself will not modify any of your existing Sims and NPCs will operate as normal. While CAS has changed significantly, the customize gender panel is optional. Simply ignore the tab if you’re not interested. The 700 clothing items now available aren’t even the best part of this free update, it’s the ability to make male sims feminine, and female Sims masculine.

Gender Customization Panel Photo: The Sims

Gender--Male or Female?

-If you want facial hair, you must choose Male.

-If you want full breasts, you must choose Female.

-Female Sims (even with a masculine physique) must wear a top.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 3
Male Sim w/ Female Frame Photo: The Sims
Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 3
Female Sim w/ Male Frame Photo: The Sims

Physical Frame--Masculine or Feminine?

-This is only affects the Sim you choose a frame of the opposite gender.

-If you select feminine, you’ll get the female selection of face shapes and vice-versa.

-Female Sims with a masculine frame and male Sims with a feminine frame look very similiar. Manually customize the body to get the specific shape you desire. 

-A female Sim with a masculine frame still has slight curves around the butt and upper thigh. The shoulders aren’t as broad as a male sim with a masculine frame. However, you can adjust these manually to your liking.

  • A female Sim with a masculine frame allows full breasts.

-A male Sim with a feminine frame gets thinner legs with more curvy definition. The butt isn’t as protruding as a female Sim with a feminine frame, but the difference is noticeable. The shoulders aren’t as husky, but of course, all this is customizable except:

  • Breasts are not added on a male Sim with a feminine frame. Adjust the chest area manually to give the illusion of breasts, but a toggle like female breast customization is not available. Bras and other traditionally female tops do change the overall look of the male body, making it appear more feminine.
  • A male Sim with a feminine physical frame can have facial hair.

Clothing Preference:

This choice represents your Sim’s style and your selection will be reflected in the clothing filters. For example, if you choose feminine, the wardrobe will autofilter feminine clothing so you’ll have to uncheck the feminine filter to view all the clothing options. There is nearly double the options in every category (over 700 new items altogether). Click on the triangle icon to open the filter panel.  


-None of the following options are available for child Sims.

-Teens may decide which, but will not be able to act on pregnancy until adulthood:

  • Become pregnant
  • Get Sims pregnant
  • Neither

Restroom Habits, Voice, And Walk Style

-Is it first nature to for your Sim to sit or stand using the restroom?

-All six voices and walk styles are at your disposal for every Sim.

How to ‘Change A Sim’

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 2
Go back and 'Change A Sim' at any time. Photo: The Sims

From the map, find ‘Edit Household,’ or while playing find a dresser or wardrobe and select ‘Change A Sim.’ Surprisingly enough you can actually change the Sims’ initial gender, and of course all the gender customization options are available.

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