'Shutoku Battle Xtreme' Brings Classic 'Tokyo Xtreme Racer' Street Racing Game To Android, iOS

Shutoku Battle Xtreme Mitsubishi Evo X
Genki announces Shutoku Battle Xtreme. Genki

Gran Turismo may call themselves the real driving simulator, but for JDM fanboys, the image of an Nissan GT-R lurking on the shoulder of Tokyo's Shuto expressway is what really gets the heart racing. And that's exactly what video game publisher Genki shared in a recent tweet:

The team that brought us Tokyo Xtreme Racer for PlayStation 2 is bringing back the hey day of Japan's tuner culture with a new street racing game that will take place in the heart of Japan's biggest metropolis and its outlying touge mountain passes. However, instead of bringing the Wangan battles to current gen consoles, Genki will bring the revived series to mobile.

Via Japanese Nostalgic Car, Genki's sequel, titled Shutoku Battle Xtreme, is currently holding an early registration campaign for both Android and iOS users in Japan. Early registration will also yield a bonus car. So far, the confirmed Shutoku Battle Xtreme car list will include the Suzuki Alto Works, Honda S660 and the Nissan 'R35' GT-R. Genki also shared another Shutoku Battle Xtreme art work that features a Mitsubishi Evo X. 

For those unfamiliar with the franchise, past gameplay involved driving around Japan in your high speed weapon until you identify a rival on the road. Simply indicate a challenge by flashing your headlights to let the battle begin. Should a driver prevail against every minion in the team, a boss battle will trigger where the player must battle the team leader to the finish. 

Genki has yet to announce its official Shutoku Battle Xtreme release date or whether the game will be available outside of Japan, but we hope to learn more in the months ahead. 

And while we wait, enjoy some old Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Zero gameplay footage below:

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