Shop Titans: Year of the Tiger Update New Content Pass and Other Major Changes

Shop Titans
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Shop Titans is a shopkeeper simulation game where you put up your own shop and craft and sell equipment to aspiring heroes. The game received the Year of the Tiger Update recently, which brings a new content pass with exclusive goodies. It also implements some major changes.

Content Pass

The Year of the Tiger Content Pass is now available. You’ll have two weeks to complete the tasks for a chance to unlock new content, including the Tiger Spirit Blueprint and the Tiger Pet, among others.

If you have missed 2020’s Lunar New Year pack, the developers have brought it back for a limited time. Those who already own the items in that bundle are offered alternate rewards instead.

Major Changes

Some Titan classes have received an upgrade to their innate skill. For instance, the Lord (Knight) will protect an ally from a fatal attack once per battle, taking the hit for their teammate. This effect does not work on other Lords, however.

The Mercenary (Soldier) now gains greater benefits from Champion Skills. Mercenaries can get increased attack and defense bonuses from Argon, for example.

If you are a fan of the Spellknight (Spellblade), this Titan class now receives a 50% stat bonus from items with innate elements.

Update Highlights

Advanced Inventory Search
  • We’ve added advanced item searching options to the player’s inventory, similar to what is used for the market
  • Can drop from the following quests:
    • Bleakspire Peak (all difficulties)
    • Tower of Titans (Delta)
    • Lost City of Gold (11-12, regular and boss)
  • Added extra Familiar animations when a party is sent on a quest
  • Item tiers are now visible on customer sale bubbles
  • It is now possible to access the Hero Hire screen even if you own all the Hero slots
  • Made it possible to more rapidly tap through Grab Bag opening animations
  • Added Water affinity to the Seltzer Surprise herbal medicine
  • Rudo
    • Champion skill now lasts 1 round longer at every tier
  • Fixed wonky Familiar sorting when equipping Champions
  • Fixed familiars displaying disproportionally large visual effects during combat
  • Fixed an issue with customers sometimes asking for locked Familiars
  • Fixed item description of the Scorpio for non-English languages
  • Fixed some misc. item drops counting for the sake of “Gather Components” content pass tasks
  • Fixed Champion stats not displaying correctly when receiving seeds
  • Fixed Titan Soul ignoring inventory sorting

Shop Titans Year of the Tiger Update is now available on PC.

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