Sheltered 2: Pets & Pests Update Introduces Cats, Dogs, and More

Pets & Pests Update
Pets & Pests Update Steam

Sheltered 2 received a new content update a few days ago. The Pets & Pests update introduces cats, dogs, chickens, and other animals to the game.

Cats and dogs are now available in Sheltered 2. These animals can be found in the world and can be recruited once you’ve gained their trust. They provide different benefits and it is recommended that you get both of them for your shelter.

Dogs can be trained to learn from a range of 18 different skills, though the number of skills they can master is randomized. Furthermore, dogs can be utilized to explore, help out around the shelter, and fight in combat.

Dog Coats
Dog Coats Steam

On the other hand, cats can scavenge in the wastes and return in the morning with bounties. Things that they can collect include meat, bones, gold, silver, or some junk items. Not only that, but cats can provide a positive mood to everyone who likes cats in your shelter.

Cat Coats
Cat Coats Steam

While there are animals that you’d want to recruit, others are definitely not welcome. Rats are pests that will spawn whenever the cleanliness level of a room is low, and their spawn rate increases when the cleanliness level drops further. Once spawned, they will never leave. Fortunately, there are two things that you can do to get rid of them. You can either set up traps or have some cats hunt them down.

Update Highlights

Pet Chicken
  • Chickens produce eggs (1 each per day) and can be harvested for meat
  • A Chicken Coop object is required to be able to keep chickens
  • Chicken coops are built on the surface of the shelter
  • Fertilized eggs must be located in the world and added to a coop in order to hatch a chicken
Pets Management Panel
  • A new menu has been added to manage the cats and dogs you recruit
  • Can be opened using the icon with a dog on it in the top right of the screen
  • Allows you to rename them and view information such as stats, skills and age
  • An overview of your chickens can be viewed from each chicken coop
Pests: Rats
  • Rats will cause dirt and can spread to other rooms of the shelter
  • Rats will damage powered objects in the shelter
  • Rats can cause the plague illness which will kill your faction members if not treated with antibiotics
  • Rats will give your faction members negative mood modifiers. These will become more potent as more rats spawn

This patch also brings balancing and gameplay changes. You can read them on the game’s official Steam page.

Sheltered 2 Pets & Pests update is available on PC.

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