Sheltered 2: Patch 1.0.10 Implements Weapon Balance Changes and Various Game Fixes

Sheltered 2 Patch 1.0.10
Sheltered 2 Patch 1.0.10 Steam

Survival management simulator, Sheltered 2, has received a new patch that brings weapon balance changes, as well as game fixes.

Game Fixes

Some people will always find something to exploit. The devs found out that certain drug items can be traded infinitely. Because this is a survival management simulator, this exploit just dampens the whole experience. So, after applying this update, this is no longer possible no matter what they do.

You have probably noticed that some materials, when used, continue to emit sound after doing something with them. Of course, this is not part of the design, and the good thing is that the developers have fixed this.

Weapon Balancing

As for weapon balance changes, the melee weapons that require stamina have their damage output reduced. Furthermore, all ranged weapons have their stamina cost and damage increased. These changes may likely help you use a better approach when attacking the invaders.

Patch Highlights

  • Fixed issue with visitors no longer arriving
  • Fixed an issue where arranged trade meetings would become broken if the region is no longer controlled by the faction
  • Fixed issue where drug items could be traded infinitely
  • Fixed issue with the final part of Los Muertos quest line which would not allow it to be completed
  • Fixed issue which caused objects to make continuous sounds
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to duplicate items from a crafting ghost
  • Fixed broken drug mixing recipes
  • Laboratory mixing history is now retained on save/load
  • Fixed an issue where vehicle parts would be lost when deconstructing vehicles
  • Reduced the buffer zone for the map camera edge of screen scrolling
  • Fixed an issue where a room would be created on save/load where a partition wall is partially built
  • All 3 stamina melee weapons have had their damage reduced
  • All ranged weapons have had their damage and stamina per shot increased
  • Can now deconstruct the starting pantry and medicine cabinet
  • Added sand and silicon to workable Mines. Removed metal from workable Mines. Added metal to workable Recycling Centres
  • Working workable locations will now end when 10 items have been crafted
  • Body part targeting no longer resets to the torso and will now remember whatever it was last set to on the previous attack
  • CQC skill has been reduced to a single level instead of two. The damage of the attack has been reduced to 40%

Sheltered 2 Patch 1.0.10 is now available on PC.

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