Sheltered 2: Patch 1.0.9 Reduces Repair Equipment Cost, Implements Multiple Bug Fixes

Sheltered 2 Patch 1.0.9
Sheltered 2 Patch 1.0.9 Steam

A new update for Sheltered 2 is now available for download. It implemented multiple bug fixes, including for the issue where food would suddenly disappear when you’re transferring between pantries. Besides that, repair costs have been reduced, making repairs cheaper than crafting new equipment, as they should be.

Those who could duplicate weapons would no longer do so after updating the game as the bug responsible for this has been squashed.

Back then, you could get new jobs from eliminated factions. This made no sense, and the developers agree with this, which is why you will no longer receive new jobs from factions that have been wiped out.

Patch 1.0.9 has also made some changes to the Lightning Rod. This item can provide energy to your base, and the update makes it generate twice as much energy when struck by lightning.

Moreover, the rod now has a higher chance of preventing lightning strikes from hitting the filters. When it is struck, the Lightning Rod will degrade over time.

Complete Patch Notes

  • Fixed an issue where food would disappear when transferred between pantries
  • Fixed issue where the player could receive jobs for factions that had been wiped out
  • Repairing equipment no longer costs the same as crafting a new one
  • Fixed issue with faction goals not displaying faction names correctly when discovered
  • Fixed issue where the wind turbine would never reach maximum power output
  • Fixed issue where weapons could be duplicated
  • Fixed an issue where you would not receive resources back after deconstructing an object
  • Fixed an issue where crafted rations would go to the junk pile if the first pantry was full
  • Fixed issue with two members using the shower at the same time
  • Fixed issue with "sleep disturbed" mood modifier being added when a sleep job was canceled before the member had reached the bed
  • Fixed an issue that meant The Old Clan would never attack an outpost during a faction war event
  • Fixed an issue with prison cells being used as stairwells
  • Fixed an issue where quest encounters would freeze after trying to add an item to the party inventory if it is already full
  • Lightning rod now generates double the amount of energy when struck
  • Lightning rod now has 20% chance of stopping lightning striking the filters
  • Lightning rod now degrades when struck as well as slowly over time
  • Added code to repair broken saves where rescue jobs had spawned on mountains
  • Faction members will no longer attempt to rest if they have an infection
  • Faction members will no longer clean the surface
  • The Mine Shop tile now displays the correct encounter tile when visiting (Quest: “Invest Invest Invest”)

Sheltered 2 Patch 1.0.9 is now available on PC.

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