Shadowgate Getting a Sequel After 35 Years

A Kickstarter campaign is launching February 18.
After more than three decades!
After more than three decades! zojoi

They say that good things take time and great things take a little longer. If that's the case, then there's a lot of expectations for the upcoming game Beyond Shadowgate. Excitement flared after Shadowgate was confirmed to be getting a sequel.

If you're asking why the excitement, it's because Shadowgate was released in 1987, that’s about 35 years. Before we continue, you can watch the official announcement trailer below.

The Original

Shadowgate is a black-and-white point-and-click adventure video game originally made available on the Apple Macintosh. The title is based on the setting, Castle Shadowgate, home to the evil Warlock Lord. The Warlock Lord is trying to summon the demon Behemoth and players are tasked with defeating this evil and saving the world.

The game lets players experience a huge world with gameplay consisting mainly of solving difficult puzzles. In fact, Shadowgate is said to be the reason for the existence of other games like Grim Fandango and Monkey Island, to name a few.

The Sequel

Going back to Beyond Shadowgate, don't get too excited though because it's not yet in development. A Kickstarter campaign is going to be launched to secure funding to create the game. No other details have been revealed about this Kickstarter except that it's launching on February 18.

What to Expect

Through the announcement trailer, Shadowgate game designer Dave Marsh did give us a peek into what to expect from the sequel. For example, the design is said to remain in retro-style but with modern conveniences. It's also going to be four times larger compared to the previous game with more rooms, more puzzles, more NPCs, and of course, more deaths. By the way, this one is coming out on PC.

Below are some of the details and comparison:

  • Rooms
    • Shadowgate : 43
    • Beyond Shadowgate : 180+
  • Items
    • Shadowgate : 59
    • Beyond Shadowgate : 130+
  • Monsters
    • Shadowgate : 9
    • Beyond Shadowgate : 10+
  • Puzzles
    • Shadowgate : 36
    • Beyond Shadowgate : 100+
  • Deaths
    • Shadowgate : 50+
    • Beyond Shadowgate : 180+
  • NPCs
    • Shadowgate : 3
    • Beyond Shadowgate : 20+
  • Game Endings
    • Shadowgate : 1
    • Beyond Shadowgate : 3
  • Mini-Games
    • Shadowgate : 0
    • Beyond Shadowgate : 1
  • Quick Travel
    • Shadowgate : No
    • Beyond Shadowgate : Yes
  • Animations
    • Shadowgate : No
    • Beyond Shadowgate : Yes
  • Hint System
    • Shadowgate : No
    • Beyond Shadowgate : Yes
  • Day/Night Cycle
    • Shadowgate : No
    • Beyond Shadowgate : Yes

What do you think? Excited about this one?

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