Shadow Warrior 3 Introduces the New Hardcore Difficulty in Update 1.03

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It appears that Shadow Warrior 3 has gotten a lot harder due to the introduction of the new Hardcore difficulty level. Update 1.03 also brings various balancing adjustments for the Katana and Shuriken Spitter, among many others.

The Hardcore difficulty is not for everyone enemies in this scenario hit really hard. Furthermore, resources are scarce and the invulnerability time for Last Stand is reduced, so you barely get a breather. To survive, you must do your best not to get hit, aim well so that all your attacks count, and conserve whatever resources you have as best as you can.

The Katana is one of the main weapons you can use in Shadow Warrior 3. Update 1.03 brings balancing adjustments to the said weapon by increasing its projectile speed, explosion range, and burn chance. While it received some buffs, it did get some nerfs, like its ice attack freeze effect duration reduced and its electric attack range decreased.

The Shuriken Spitter is the last weapon that you’ll unlock in the game. As you can already tell, this thing can shoot out shurikens at your enemies. A huge change was made in this update where the Shuriken Spitter’s projectiles can no longer register headshots. This effectively brings your damage output down if you use this gun often and you consistently aim for the head.


  • Sidekicks’ damage slightly increased and spread decreased
  • HP amount restored from the Finishers now varies with Difficulty
  • Adjusted the Health Points of certain enemies
  • Enemy Health Points are now the same across difficulties (except bosses)
  • Health and Ammo orbs respawn-time now varies with Difficulty
  • The amount of Health and Ammo restored from the orbs now varies with Difficulty
  • Thorn's damage now varies with Difficulty
  • Kugutsu accuracy and projectile speed increased
  • Laser Shogun laser now stops on enemies
  • Riot Gun range slightly decreased
  • Oni Hanma's stagger delay increased
  • Lifetime for Seeking Eye and Blade of Hattori has been reduced
  • Removed temporary invincibility after usage of Brain Tonic
  • Fix for an unwanted second attack being made with the upgraded Katana if the weapon wheel was used during an attack
  • Fix for the Shuriken Spitter not causing damage during some attacks on the Guardian of The Heart
  • Fix for a bug where the player might get locked in the Guardian of The Heart’s third phase on Hard difficulty
  • Fix for headshots on Kugutsu from Sidekicks making the ragdoll spin
  • Fixes for when the player could fall out of the world
  • FOV (Field of View) minimum value set to 80

Shadow Warrior 3 Update 1.03 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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