Shadow Of The Colossus May Be A Bit Different When It Hits PS4

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Shadow of the Colossus
Shadow of the Colossus Sony

A new interview with Shadow of the Colossus designer Fumito Ueda opens the door for some exciting changes when the cult classic from Team Ico hits PlayStation 4 in 2018. But there is still a good deal of uncertainty surrounding Ueda’s comments. And there’s a good chance we won’t know about any big changes until Shadow of the Colossus returns to stores.

Shadow of the Colossus was infamously unfinished when it hit stores back in 2005. The game included 16 colossi, each of which presented their own unique challenges, and a proper ending for the narrative. But we’ve since learned that Ueda had much more ambitious plans for the beloved PS2 release. Players have uncovered a plethora of secrets over the years, from hidden gardens to birds capable of carrying Shadow of the Colossus’ protagonist on long flights. But many of the game’s biggest mysteries remain exactly that. Unless the studio tasked with porting Shadow of the Colossus over to PS4 has bigger plans for its upcoming remake.

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Ueda confirmed he recently submitted a list of suggested changes for Sony and Bluepoint (the studio porting SotC) to consider for the remake. But Ueda doesn’t know if those suggestions were given serious consideration or how many (if any) we’ll see in Shadow of the Colossus next year. The designer also says he can’t go into detail about those suggestions, because there’s a good chance the information would impact fans’ impressions (particularly if the ideas are ignored) when Shadow of the Colossus returns in 2018. It’s an aggravatingly vague statement, but the possibility that a new colossus could appear in the game, or that players might have access to some new section of the map, was just too intriguing to ignore. Even if it turns out to be nothing.

For an early look at next year’s Shadow of the Colossus remake, take a few minutes to review the trailer that aired during Sony’s E3 presser. Then head down to the comments section and let us know whether or not you’d like to see any new/tweaked content in SotC when it hits PS4 or if you’d rather just see as close a recreation of the original experience as the studio can achieve.

Shadow of the Colossus is in development for PlayStation 4 and expected to debut in 2018.

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Shadow of the Colossus
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