Seven Knights 2 Welcomes the Time Traveler Vanessa

Seven Knights 2 New Hero
Get ready to welcome the Time Traveler. Netmarble

The latest update for Seven Knights 2 introduces a bunch of new which include the new mythic hero Time Traveler Vanessa. This new Ranged/Support Mythic hero makes use of the Crystals of Revival to revive allies while also lowering the duration of enemy buffs as well as extending the duration of her allies' buffs.

Vanessa also gives an unremovable Sandy the Hourglass effect to the caster for a set interval of time. What this does is to apply increased cooldown immunity, decreased damage received, and a damage dealt buff to all allies.

The new update also brings with it an alternate outfit for Vanessa.

A new story scenario has also been added which is Season 4 Chapter 2 and titled "A Time Mage's Fate." This new chapter features Vanessa pursuing a rival time mage while also introducing a new story for the season.

New Events

The new update also launches several events that include:

  • Treasure Age★ Mythic Hero Selection Ticket Check-in Event (March 13 to April 24)
    • Players can earn rewards by checking into the game during the event period.
    • Valuable rewards include a Mythic Hero Selection Ticket on the first day, as well as a maximum of 150 Hero Summon Tickets.
  • Treasure Age! Carnival Event (Ongoing)
    • Daily missions are open for 7-day periods.
    • Complete all missions to earn multiple rewards including the Mythic Pet Cale Summon Voucher.
  • Treasure Age! Jumping Event (Ongoing)
    • Complete all missions in each tier to earn Mythic Hero Eileene.
    • This event is the perfect opportunity to quickly catch up with veteran players.

Seven Knights 2 is the official sequel to Seven Knights. It takes place two decades after the first game and introduces players to a beautiful and open world gameplay. The story focuses on the Daybreak Mercenaries as they go on a journey to find the last member of the Seven Knights. Along the way they get to encounter a mysterious girl named Phiné.

The stunning cinematics of the game combined with the graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4 is sure to immerse players in a story that's filled with unique characters and powerful bosses. In addition, players get to can collect and develop their heroes and experience a new combat system with powerful ultimates and suppressors.

Seven Knights 2 is available now for download on Google Play, App Store and Windows PC (beta).

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