Seven Knights 2 Adds Rule Breaker Elenia to the Roster

SK2 Elenia
A new hero and new events are here. Netmarble

A new update is now live in Seven Knights 2 and adds the Rule Breaker Elenia to the roster. With her abilities, this Mythic and Universal/Melee type hero serves as the ultimate support and disabler.

Depending on what the class of her team is, she can give buffs to allies and even an addition buff to herself. In addition, she can also absorb enemy healing and recovery on the PvP field. This applies to the caster and ATK Boost in proportion to HP while also giving Damage Increase to all allies including the caster.

Aside from a new character, players can look forward to a new story scenario which is Season 4 Chapter 1 Sprouting Demonic Power. This chapter features Elenia and Yeonhee in battle and starts a new storyline for the season. Meanwhile, the Challenge Dungeon Season 6 has also been updated and players can now the new boss Golden King Gigantus and get to earn multiple rewards.

New In-Game Events

The new update also means new in-game events like the Hero Festival! Check-In Event. From January 17 to January 31, simply log in to the game and earn Hero Summon Tickets. Hero Summon Tickets, as well as Super Hero Coins, can be in the Hero Festival Celebration, Push Event.

Another one is the Eleina Step Up Summon Rate Up event. For the duration of this event, Elenia's summon rate between tier 1 to tier 4 is increased, which means a better chance to earn the new hero.

Available as well are Elenia Upgrade Special Missions. Those who manage to get this hero can upgrade Mythic Rule Breaker Elenia and get special rewards. These level milestone rewards are:

  • Lv. 30
    • Reward: Hero Summon Ticket x5
  • Lv. 32
    • Reward: Gold x1,000,000
  • Lv. 36
    • Reward: Legendary Elixir x500
  • Lv. 38
    • Reward: Hero Summon Ticket x5
  • Lv. 40
    • Reward: Legendary Elixir x1,000
  • Lv. 42
    • Reward: Rule Breaker Elenia Soulstone x10
  • Lv. 44
    • Reward: Mythic Elixir x1,000
  • Lv. 46
    • Reward: Rule Breaker Elenia Soulstone x10
  • Lv. 50
    • Reward: Mythic Elenia Azure Flash of Retribution Outfit Chest

Check out the complete list of in-game events here.

Seven Knights 2 is the official sequel to Seven Knights and takes place 20 years after the events of the original. The game focuses on the Daybreak Mercenaries who are on a quest to look for the last member of the Seven Knights. Seven Knights 2 is available to download on Google Play, App Store and Windows PC.

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