The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Introduces a New Side Story

Enjoy a new side story.
Enjoy a new side story. Netmarble

A new update is now live in The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross which introduces players to a new side story. Titled "Side Story Seven Catastrophes Chapter 1 Update," it features the Seven Catastrophes and their journey to overcome trauma as well as learn who was behind the incident after a disturbance in Kata Village. Once they clear this chapter, players are guaranteed an SSR Ticket.

Players can also try out the newly added character named [Vengeful Saw Blade] Roxy of Madness. New additions as well are the Holy Relics for "Assault Mode" Berserk Meliodas and "Ominous Nebula" Prince of Darkness Zeldris.

Of course, like any update, there are new events for everyone to join and get special rewards. These include:

  • The Seven Catastrophes Special Pick-up Event
    • Players get the newly added character [Vengeful Saw Blade] Roxy of Madness.
    • They can also earn characters from the Seven Catastrophes and Ragnarok that include:
      • [Full Moon’s Shadow] Mono of Blood and Iron.
      • [Spellbinding Queen] Goddess of Beauty Freyja.
    • A SSR Hero is guaranteed at 300 mileages while [Vengeful Saw Blade] Roxy of Madness is guaranteed at 600 mileages.
  • Diamond Perks
    • During the event period, players get rewards based on the amount of Diamond spent.
    • The final reward is the Demonic Beast Specialist SSR Selection Ticket.
    • The list of the heroes that can be earned include:
      • [Battlefield Guardian] Princess Brunhild.
      • [Guide to Valhalla] Valkyrie Megellda.
      • [Serpent Queller] World Serpent Jormungand.
      • [Master of Light] Sun God Freyr.
      • [Clandestine Savior] Wanderer Thonar.
  • The Seven Catastrophes Special Check-in Event
    • All players who check in for 14 days have the chance to receive a total of 14 Seven Catastrophes Special Pick-Up Tickets.
  • The Seven Catastrophes Hideout Renovation
    • Rewards can be earned by using a collection of items provided when clearing daily missions and game play.
    • Available rewards include:
      • UR Evolution Pendant.
      • Lillia's costume.
      • Growth materials.
  • Special Disaster Battle Returns
    • Awakened Roxy, Lillia, and Valenti are going to be the bosses of the event.
    • Two players can play together through invitation while items obtained from the event can be redeemed at the exchange shop for the Seven Catastrophes Special Card Pack, costumes, and growth material.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is available on Android and iOS.

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