The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Launches Re:ZERO Collab Encore

An interesting collab.
An interesting collab. Netmarble

A new content update for The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is now live, which brings back Re:ZERO. The 7DS X Re:ZERO Collab Encore is a follow-up to the 2021 in-game update and features new heroes, new limited-time events, and of course, new special rewards.

Here are some of the playable content and events in this new collab:

  • New Re:ZERO Characters
    • [Re:ZERO] Witch of Greed Echidna and [Re:ZERO] The Master Swordsman Reinhard have been added to the roster.
  • 7DS X Re:ZERO Collab Encore Collab Draw
    • Players get the chance to draw 7DS X Re:ZERO Collab heroes.
    • This includes the newly added characters from this latest game update.
    • SSR tier characters are guaranteed for 300 mileage, while 7DS X Re:ZERO Collab heroes are guaranteed for 600 mileage (choose 1 out of 6 heroes).
  • 7DS X Re:ZERO Collab Encore Check-In Event
    • Check-in rewards are available across 14 days.
    • Players who complete a 14-day check-in receive SSR [Re:ZERO] Twin Maid Ram, the Super Awakening Coin, and other rewards.
  • 7DS X Re:ZERO Special Mission
    • Players who enter five different missions and complete them earn [Re:ZERO] Twin Maid Rem.
    • In addition, 10 Collab Encore Pick-up Tickets are provided for completion of the entire mission (2 Collab Encore Pick-up Tickets provided for each mission).
  • 7DS X Re:ZERO Re: Britannia Collab Story
    • The newly-added 7DS X Re:ZERO Collab story mode has players experience different endings based on their choices.
    • Different rewards are offered based on the ending, including the SSR Guaranteed Ticket.
  • 7DS X Re:ZERO Special - The Terror Approaches! [Three Great Mabeasts] The Great Rabbit
    • A new boss battle has been added for this 7DS X Re:ZERO Collab content update.
    • Great Rabbit's Fragmented Horn, which is earned by clearing, can be traded for a Rem/Beatrice costume or the UR Evolution Pendant at the Exchange Shop.

What are your thoughts on this new collab?

The game translates the storytelling and adventures of The Seven Deadly Sins into an engaging and entertaining mobile gaming experience. It features stunning, high-resolution 3D graphics and at least 100 dramatic cutscenes. Bringing the game to life is the cast of the original Japanese voice actors reprising their characters.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is available on Android and iOS.

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