Ragnarok Original Story Coming to The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Finally a new story.
Finally a new story. Netmarble

There’s an excellent treat for all The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross players. A new story chapter titled “Ragnarok” is coming to the game. Not a story arc from the manga or collaboration but an original one. So how does the story start? It turns out the Seven Deadly Sins are transported to the world of Norse mythology and meet new heroes in the likes of Fenrir, Sigurd, Thonar, and Grimnir.

In a press release, Netmarble revealed that Ragnarok had actually been planned even before the game was released. The story itself has been in development for more than two years through a partnership between Kodansha and Suzuki Nakaba, the original author. That means in terms of scale, this new story is probably equivalent to a full season of the anime. The new chapters that are part of Ragnarok will be released every other month.

New Update

While waiting for the new story, players can enjoy new content with the recently released update. One of these is the new hero Excalibur Arthur and brings with him three new Hero Costume Sets.

Players can also test their skill with the new Special Event Boss Battle and features:

  • Final Boss King [Legend] Difficulty
  • Gloom, Kelak, and Lamek Special Event Boss Battle and Exchange Shop
  • Ghost Leg Event
  • Changed Daily Task Rewards Event

Learn more about this new update here.

Survey Results

Sometime back, the dev team conducted a survey to learn more about what players thought about the game. Some of the results showed that most players were already familiar with the characters, either through the anime or manga, even before playing the game. The results also showed that most players averaged one to three hours playing.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a mobile game based on The Seven Deadly Sins series. The game gives players at least 150 characters to choose from along with 200 costumes and 200 cutscenes. Unlike some game adaptations of anime, Grand Cross has the cast of the original Japanese voice actors reprise their characters. The game was released in March 2020 and since then reported at least 30 million cumulative downloads worldwide.

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