Settlement Survival: Major Changes to Health and Happiness in Patch v0.85.291.125

Patch v0.85.291.125
Patch v0.85.291.125 Steam

A new update for Settlement Survival is now available on the alpha branch. Patch v0.85.291.125 implements major changes to health and happiness in the game.

Health and happiness in Settlement Survival are important because they affect several things, including your citizens’ fertility rate, work efficiency, and their tendency to commit a crime, among others. The happier your citizens are, the more efficient they are at getting work done. In the early game, you can build a Church and a Clinic to make your citizens happy and healthy.

However, in Patch v0.85.291.125, the original ways of increasing/decreasing these values no longer apply to further game versions. Instead, several different sections are added to help you learn more about how to gain health and happiness bonuses. Furthermore, your citizens’ panels now show you happiness stats and health-related requirements - giving you ideas on how to improve their wellbeing.

Here are the other changes implemented in Patch v0.85.291.125:

Reworked Welfare System
  • Happiness and health value now have reworked effects in different intervals.
  • Happiness and health value now have a max number of 150% rather than 200%
  • Reworked effects and panels for the following structures: Churches/Mosques, Hospitals/Barber Shops. Theaters/Jingju Theaters, Bathhouses.
  • Reworked effects of certain structures and Remodel selections.
  • Changed classification and effect for certain items.
  • Removal of existing items and rework of original recipes.
  • Reworked Happiness and health value related tech-trees
  • Tombstones will now expire faster.
  • Help texts are changed to reflect reworks on happiness and health system.
  • Reworks on guide texts.
  • Reworks on new players' guides.
  • Reworks on first game texts.
Upper-left Resource Panel
  • Annual production and consumption are now available in tips-items.
  • A new button jumping to stock management
  • Reworked resource classification in the panel.
  • Optimized text effects in the resource panel.
  • Fertile soil bonuses will now apply to orchards.
  • Fruits now have higher costs, no fruit seeds will be given at the start of the game.
  • Overall fat production -50%
  • Recipe of straw shoes are now available in the Knitting workshop rather than in the tailors'
  • Cellars and storage yards are now placed in a changed position of the tech tree of "Logistics"
  • Now you can summon the control panel with ctrl+~.
  • Citizens with both hand carts and horses will now make makeshift wagons, a great step forward!
  • Plantations now have better models and readjusted planting areas.
  • Structure panels now look better in double-row mode.
  • A new health value-related structure: Latrine.

Settlement Survival Patch v0.85.291.125 is available on PC.

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