Settlement Survival: Patch v0.84.287.119 Adds New Resources and Optimizations

Settlement Survival
Settlement Survival Steam

There’s a new update for Settlement Survival that you can now download in the game’s alpha or testing branch. Patch v0.84.287.119 adds new features and optimizations, most of which are centered around resources.

First and foremost, two new resources are added in Settlement Survival : Gold and Jade, both available in standard and sandbox mode. Second, Fertile Soil and Grassland now have a degeneration mechanism in place. This adds a bit more realism to the game because if you do not tend to these lands, they will most likely not be suitable for planting crops and seeds.

Patch v0.84.287.119 also brought some new features and optimizations. For one, a new button is added that allows you to show or hide resource points on the map. Moreover, 12 new citizen models are added that change appearance as time goes by, all available in both standard and sandbox mode.

Resource Points on Map
Resource Points on Map Steam

You can read the other features and optimizations in this update below:

Resource Point Ecological Cycle Mechanism
  • Adjusted the layout of resource points when creating a new game.
  • Optimized the visual effect and buff range display of Fertile Soil and Grassland.
  • Adjusted the buff effect of Fertile Soil and Grassland to 50%.
  • Added respawn mechanism of Fishing Point after drought.
  • Added respawn mechanism of Hunting Point, Seeds Point.
  • Added buff same as Fertile Soil in the surrounding of Compost Plant.
  • Added buff same as Grassland in the surrounding of Mill and Watermill.
  • Adjusted the model of oat plants in the wild.
Artistic Performance
  • Optimized the visual performance of Dense Farm and Dense Orchard, now crops won't grow outside of the structure.
  • Added some decorative buildings to the floor list.
  • Added new decorative building - Prisoner Wagon.
Feature Adjustments
  • Optimized the marching road of Tornado and Sandstorm, now they will show in any direction.
  • Optimized the icon prompts of building status, now buildings can show multiple status icons at the same time.
  • Optimized the description of upgraded buildings after structure upgrade, added notes of increased efficiency.
  • Optimized the content in Help logs, added more notes on the hotkeys, and fixed some obsolete notes.
  • Added introduction about how to trade in Dock on Tutorials.
  • Adjusted the floor space of Flower Bed 3, and adjusted the name of Chair to Garden Bench, and changed its floor space.
  • Removed the in-game announcement of Idle Chicken Activity.
Bug Fix
  • Fixed the Luxury Furniture Factory upgraded from Furniture Factory not having increased efficiency

Settlement Survival Patch v0.84.287.119 is available on Steam.

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