Serve Up Freshly Brewed Coffee in PlateUp! With New Game Mode

PlateUp! Yogscast Games

Want to be a barista and serve up some freshly brewed coffee to your customers? PlateUp! has a new update that lets you do just that!

The aptly named Coffee Shop update adds a new game mode where you play as a barista that offers delicious java to your customers. You can serve simple black coffee or offer some delicious combinations with eight new unique coffee upgrade cards.

Unlike the more hectic standard game mode, the Coffee Shop mode is more laid back with customers taking their time drinking a fresh cup of java and are less eager to pester you with their orders.

Aside from the new game mode, the PlateUp! Coffee Shop update gives you the option to select Turbo Mode in the lobby and play it on any layout you desire.

In addition, a bunch of tweaks have been made for Speedrun Mode based on community feedback. Here are the changes:

  • Speedrun dishes are now selected from the full pool of dishes rather than a fixed set. This also means you can get the chance to play dishes you haven't unlocked yet.
  • You can no longer bring garage items into speedruns. While this reduces some strategy, it prevents players having to grind garage content in order to compete in speedruns. Any items placed in the loadout will be returned to the garage.
  • For general speedrunning on standard maps, the speedrun timer can now be turned on for every map in the game options.
  • Twitch orders no longer apply in speedruns, which gave an unintended advantage to people using it.
  • Using mods at any point marks it as modded speedrun, so your run will be tracked but won't count on global leaderboards.
Coffee Shop Update Yogscast Games

Patch Notes


  • Pizza toppings now reduce customer amounts.
  • Hot dogs now have a smaller customer increase.
  • Post-game garage rewards have been reworked into new tiers, with the new highest tier for reaching overtime. Reward sets have been adjusted to give appropriate rewards.
  • Some cleaning appliances have been tweaked:
  • The robot buffer is now slower and cannot buff dirty tiles.
  • Players are no longer slowed while holding mops, and the fast mop is now faster.
  • Having more dish extras (such as Ketchup and Mustard) now increases the chance customers will ask for one - this is particularly important in coffee shops.
  • Progress on research desks now resets correctly at the end of the day.
  • Conveyors can now resupply consumables by delivering supplies (this applies to things like napkins and the new milk frother).

Bug Fixes

  • Trainers are now disabled by water correctly
  • Shoes now also spread water
  • Nut roast is now available as an upgrade to turkey
  • The active card view and recipe view now wrap
  • Level progress can now be seen in the lobby before unlocking the stats room
  • Fixed a bug where joining a game from the menu could prevent profile from loading correctly
  • Fixed a bug where having too few possible staples in the shop could result in losing some blueprints

PlateUp! Coffee Shop update is available on PC.

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